Hey there Friends of the Gardner School:
Sandy from the CO library League is returning for one last round. If we get a lot of worker bees I think we can have an amazing looking and organized library by the time we open our doors in early August. The three work days will be June 29, June 30 and July 10. We would appreciate you helping for an hour or two or a day or two. Thanks so much!
Let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks, Pam

Last Day, Parents welcome for an Award’s Ceremony

The schedule for the last day of school is as follows:

8:00-8:30 Primary grade awards

8:30-8:45 Kindergarten Graduation (celebration in the class to follow, and Kindergarteners will go home following the celebration)

8:45-9:30 ish upper grades awards

9:30ish-10:30 Classroom wrap-up

10:30-11:15 whole school organized team games

11:15-11:50 Barbecue

11:50-12:00 Wrap up

Noon all staff out front to wave goodbye for the summer!

Eighth Grade Graduation

Eighth-grade graduation is an open event for all of the friends and families of the graduates. Graduation will commence at 1:00 on May 31st in the gym. Cathy Cordova was selected to speak to the graduates. Each student will also speak, a slideshow and awards given. A reception will follow for the friends and families of the students.

Congratulations to our 14 graduates: Anthony Aldretti, Mitchell Christen, Jason Jardine, Quintin Medina, Charlie Montoya, Adam and Brianna Pacheco, Ciera Padilla, Jaiden Pino,  Isabella Rivera, Zander Ross, Isabella Trujillo, Harmonee Valdez and Taylor Vigil.


Off to the Y and Skate City

The annual all-school field trip will take place this Thursday, May 25. Each student must return a permission slip, the release from the Y, and the required money. On the day of the trip a swimsuit, towel, a bag for wet clothes, a long pair of socks, a sack lunch and good manners need to be brought.

Parents, if you plan on joining us, we will be at the YMCA in the morning at Skate City from 1:00-3:00.

Upcoming Field Trips !

Gardner School field trips have been scheduled.  Mark your calendars.

May 11th——- 3/4th >>>>> Bents Fort

May 17th——- Preschool and Kindergarten >>>>> Pueblo Children’s Museum

May 18th——- 5/6 >>>>>> Camp Jackson ( Overnight Trip)

May 18th 7th /8th >>>>>>> Wild Animal Park and Trampoline Park

May 18th 1st/2nd>>>>>>> Cheyanne Mountain Zoo

May 25th ——-The Annual All School Field Trip  >>>>>>> YMCA and Skate City

PARCC Testing

At today’s morning meeting our youngest students cheered on the test takers. We have begun the first session of the PARCC testing. The halls were quiet all morning and I understand that all testers appeared to work tirelessly. We will be conducting tests from now until the 20th for the 3,4,6, and 7th grades. The 5th and 8th graders will take the CMAS science tests following the PARCC. All testing will be completed by April 27.

Please do your very best to get your children to school during testing.

The Nights Before the Test
1. Make sure your child gets plenty of sleep the nights before the test.
2. Plan ahead to avoid problems before the test so he/she doesn’t go to bed upset.
3. Tell your child you know tests can be hard, but that taking them gives him/her a
chance to show how well he/she can do.
4. Be encouraging — let your child know you think he/she will do well on the test.
5. Consider playing an educational game like Scrabble™ to help your child get into the
testing spirit.
The Mornings of the Test
1. Have your child get up early enough to avoid hurrying.
2. Make sure your child has a good breakfast on the mornings of the test.
3. Have your child dress in something comfortable and familiar.
4. Be positive when you send your child to school.


Scholastic Tabletop Bookfair

The Scholastic Book Fair has arrived. Students and community buyers will be able to browse and purchase books on the afternoons of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, March 13-15. The book fair will be open on Thursday throughout conferences from 2:00-7:00. The school will earn credit in books from the sales. Please, come by and do some shopping.

What a success our book fair was. Since we reached our goal we will be getting 50% of the funds back in books to library. Thanks for your support!