The Gardner School Carnival is coming soon. Save your allowance to come to join the fun. Taco dinner will be served to begin at 5:00. Carnival games, the cake walk, and bingo will run from 5:30-7:30. A silent auction will be run until 7:30. Come support the Gardner School’s largest fundraiser of the year!

Shred Hate!


We are a Shred Hate school!

Dear Parents and Students, 

 We are very excited to announce that our school was selected to be part of over 130+ schools nationwide to participate in the Shred Hate program, which is a bullying prevention program created by ESPN and supported by X Games, Major League Baseball and No Bully. Our staff was recently trained in the No Bully System and we are currently implementing more efficient ways to respond to conflict and bullying at our school. Research studies show that teachers and staff trained in the No Bully System® succeed in stopping student bullying in at least 90% of cases. 

Your child will receive a Shred Hate sticker to remind them of the importance of Shredding Hate and Choosing Kindness. We encourage you to take a picture of your child and their sticker and upload it to #ShredHate. Please talk to your child about the importance of choosing kindness and ending conflict and bullying at our school. Together we can accomplish the Shred Hate mission envisioned by ESPN and Major League Baseball.  

For additional information on the Shred Hate program, please go to


Pam Levie, school principal

Please let me know if you have questions or concerns.

PTSA and Voices of the Past Readings

The PTSA will hold a monthly meeting at 5:15 on Wednesday, February 20. We are looking for new members and new ideas to make our school community even better. Please join us!

On February 20, at 6:00 PM the 7th and 8th graders will read the stories from interviewing some very interesting community members conducted earlier this month. Awards, sponsored by The Huerfano Journal, will be given to the winners following presentations. Please come join us for a special traditional event.

PTSA Report

The PTSA was held on 1-23. Following the meeting, the 5/6 graders presented interactive book reports. Discussions at the P.T.S.A. included giving incentives to students for positive bus behavior each Thursday. They will also conduct another t-shirt/sweatshirt sale so watch for flyers. The next P.T.S.A. meeting will be at 5:15 on February 20th. Hope to see you there.

Fun was had by all the week before break:

Santa (Volunteer Fire Dept. Joseph) came to visit all the children with gifts.

Student Council sponsored the Polar Express movie and prepared hot cocoa for all.5th and 6th grades prepared gifts for their new friends at the Veteran’s Nursing Home. Supplies came from The Resource Area For Teachers (RAFT).

More gifts for our students! Thanks for thinking of us Toys for Tots, Gardner Volunteer Department, and Petsmart. The kids collected non-perishables for area community members.

Bully Proof your Kid Workshop for Parents and Movies for the Students


How to bully-proof your kid sponsored by ESPN


WHAT A GREAT TURNOUT WE HAD FOR OUR WORKSHOP! THANK YOU, PARENTS, FOR COMING UP TO  SUPPORT YOUR CHILDREN. Jessica Sato, the presenter was pleased to announce the Gardner crowd was one of the largest workshops attended. We had more parents show up than in schools with several hundred students.  

Student bullying and conflict are persistent challenges in every school, causing students untold suffering, marginalizing diverse youth and impacting the ability of our children to succeed in their careers and future relationships.

At this workshop you will:

Get up to speed on the new face of bully prevention in our school.

  • Learn how to bully-proof your child to succeed in their friendships so that they are neither a bully nor a target.
  • Develop skills to coach your child through the inevitable conflicts and bullying of childhood and adolescence.

December 6, 5:00 dinner followed by movies for students and workshop for parents ending at 7:00 PM

Join us for dinner, door prizes and good company

No Bully ( is a San Francisco based non-profit organization that partners with schools nationwide to implement a non-punitive and highly effective solution to end bullying and harassment.  Research studies show that teachers and staff trained in the No Bully System® succeed in stopping student bullying in over 90% of cases.  No Bully is helping schools transform into learning communities that are truly inclusive.


Gardner School held its 31st annual One Room Schoolhouse celebration on November 15. It is a tradition for all students to dress in One Room Schoolhouse outfits, be placed in multi-aged classrooms, and combine lessons for each classroom. Area 12th graders, who graduated from Gardner School in 8th grade, are invited back to assist teachers and have a reunion, especially since they often go to different high schools.

This year’s theme focused on firefighting, safety, and the succession of a forest fire. The day included many hands-on projects. First students studied what constitutes a safe campsite then built one in each classroom using the “old fort in the living room” style. They learned why Smokey the Bear’s philosophy was not always correct and why he needed an update to reflect a more advanced position. So, the groups gave him a style update. Each class designed a new vest for him and volunteers, including board member Jaye Sudar, stitched the outfits together. Then the students made 3-D floor plans from milk cartons and put a string through the house to identify an escape plan. For science, the focus was on tree rings with burn scars. Several volunteers enhanced the day including the local volunteer fire department members, a smoke jumper and CK Morey who had a demonstration on the playground with his truck. We thank everyone who was involved in making the day a success.