If you are new to the area or would like to register your child at the Gardner School this Fall plan to register on August 6th, 7th or 8th between 8:30-11:30, and 12:30-3:00. If unable to make it on those days, please call the school after August 1st and we will make accommodations. (719 746-2446). We are looking forward to a great 2029-2020. Hope to see you soon! Pam Levie

Volunteers needed in the Gardner Gardens


Beginning Saturday, June 1st, the vegetable and flower gardens at the Gardner School will be open to the public two mornings a week.  We* invite you to join us to plant, weed, water, learn, share in early produce and have fun. The kids have already planted onions, potatoes, beets, carrots, spinach, cukes, tomatoes and much more and we have many, many flowers blooming. Depending on attendance, special events or projects will be planned.  So, grab your hats and sunscreen and come on down.  Everyone welcome.  For more information, call Johnnye at 746-2345.

*Johnnye Mullen, Suzanne Watson and Keri Powers

End of the Year Calendar

May gets so so busy that I am posting major events that will run through the end of the school year:

3/4 Class PTSA show- May 9

Gardner to host Schoolboard Meeting-May 13

Pre/K to Pueblo Children’s Museum -May 15

1/2 Class PTSA show- May 15

½ to the Pueblo Zoo -May 16

⅚ to Camp Jackson- May 19-20

⅞ field trip to the science museum- May 22

Preschool graduation- May 22

All-school trip to Pueblo-May 23

⅚ School sleepover-May 23

JMHS Graduation- May 25

Memorial Day No School- May 27

8th-grade graduation- May 29 1:00

Awards (8:30), K graduation (9:00 AM),whole-school games (excuse at noon) May 30

Report cards will be sent home

Artist Afternoon- April 29- Join Us!

Gardner School holds an art immersion day each spring, this year on April 29. We are looking for artists to spend an afternoon at the school working with small groups of students. If you have an art form that you could teach to youngsters, please call the school Monday-Thursday for more information! 746-2446

Thank you to the 16 artists who taught great sessions (and to the teachers who supported them). The artists sharing their skills included Steve and Lana (Mural), Douglas Blytheman,(Portraits) Imar Trujillo (Woodworking), Barb and Rado (Wildlife drawing), Katie Keeling (Clay), Shaunna Vigil (Origami) , Jaye Sudar (Sewing pouches), Bonnie Rose (Felting), Dave Roberts (Junkyard birdhouses), Bob Freese (Leatherwork), Rose Williams (Acrylic painting), Rachel Dimond (Sumi-e), Roz McCain (Quilting) and Carey Linn (Ojos de dios). This year’s artist afternoon was dedicated to three amazing local artists: Jimmy Robison, Clark Dimond, and Lash Baldwin. They will be greatly missed.

Family Night Earth Day-Themed Get Together!


Recycled Art Sculptures with Found Objects | Mystery Box Challenge | Thursday, April 25th Gardner School will host an Earth Day-themed Family Night. Come out for dinner, door prizes and activities to support literacy.

To make it easier for the Walsenburg families, we will keep your children entertained at the school so they do not have to make the trip back and forth from Walsenburg. Join us at 5:00 for dinner and we will follow with literacy-based fun. We hope that you will join us! Plan on staying until 7:00.



The Gardner School Carnival is coming soon. Save your allowance to come to join the fun. Taco dinner will be served to begin at 5:00. Carnival games, the cake walk, and bingo will run from 5:30-7:30. A silent auction will be run until 7:30. Come support the Gardner School’s largest fundraiser of the year!

Shred Hate!


We are a Shred Hate school!

Dear Parents and Students, 

 We are very excited to announce that our school was selected to be part of over 130+ schools nationwide to participate in the Shred Hate program, which is a bullying prevention program created by ESPN and supported by X Games, Major League Baseball and No Bully. Our staff was recently trained in the No Bully System and we are currently implementing more efficient ways to respond to conflict and bullying at our school. Research studies show that teachers and staff trained in the No Bully System® succeed in stopping student bullying in at least 90% of cases. 

Your child will receive a Shred Hate sticker to remind them of the importance of Shredding Hate and Choosing Kindness. We encourage you to take a picture of your child and their sticker and upload it to #ShredHate. Please talk to your child about the importance of choosing kindness and ending conflict and bullying at our school. Together we can accomplish the Shred Hate mission envisioned by ESPN and Major League Baseball.  

For additional information on the Shred Hate program, please go to


Pam Levie, school principal

Please let me know if you have questions or concerns.