One Room Schoolhouse Open House

Please join us at the Gardner School on November 21st for the thirty-second annual one-room schoolhouse reenactment/celebration. We love to have guests stop by classrooms and are especially looking for speakers if you attended a one-room schoolhouse in the area or even elsewhere. Since the children will be looking at existing schoolhouses in the area in the morning, our invite to you is from 11:30-3:30. If you would like to join us for lunch ($3.75-Thanksgiving meal) please call the school on Monday).

Family Fun Thursday October 24th


Family Literacy Night will be October 24th beginning at 5:00. Dinner will be served first, with educational games and door prizes to follow. Walsenburg bus riders will be able to stay as long as parents meet them at the school at 5:00. We hope to see you there!

Homecoming Parade- Come join the fun!

This year, the homecoming parade theme is Las Vegas and the Gardner School will focus on everything Elvis. This Friday, if your children would like to ride the float, they must arrive at the latest by 12:45 on East Spruce Street in Walsenburg. Riders need to look for our float and parents must drop each child off with the permission slip which will be sent home on Thursday. Children are not allowed to participate if they do not have the permission slip. At the end of the parade, parents must pick up their children at the community center unless other instructions are in writing on the permission slip. Students will need to dress in the fifties style.

Come out to support the Panthers and the  Falcons!


We are hiking to the Great Sand Dunes National Park tomorrow, September 6. Make sure you pack your children a rain jacket, a hat, sturdy walking shoes, snacks, and water. We may arrive back later than the regular pick-up and if so, we will give you a call when we have phone service to give you an ETA.

ECHO Grant to make improvements on the Preschool Playground

The Gardner School received a grant from ECHO to update our preschool playground. The plans are finalized and our first step to pour a circular cement path so the tricycles can be used. We are looking for volunteers or contractors to help with the project. Contact Pam at 719 746 2446 during the school day. Click below to see the beautiful future plans for the preschool playground: