8th Grade Graduation

Congratulations to the eleven Gardner School eighth graders. Casey Huff, the student’s teacher in past years delivered a commencement speech giving the students sincere advice for when they enter high school. Kelsie Aguirre was the salutatorian and Bruno McDonald was the valedictorian. We congratulate them all: Kelsie, Ryan, Jordan, Aaliyah, Domnick, Bruno, Nevaeh, Marissa, Evie, Wyatt, and Dominic. We wish our graduates the best!

Thank You, Knitting Volunteers

A group of very talented knitters has passed their talent on to our very youngest knitters. Hats, scarves, and flags are in progress or have been completed. There were 18 knitters throughout the year meeting each week after school. Thank you, Nancy, Johnnye, Margaret, Roz, Lynne, and Theresa for your time and talent.

Instruments Needed!

For the year of 2018-2019, our music teacher is hoping to be able to begin a band. If you have an instrument that is getting dusty in the basement we would love to borrow it or we could give you a tax write-off certificate if you would like to make a donation. Please call Pam at the Gardner School if you could help. 746-2446. Thanks so much


THANK A TEACHER! Teacher appreciation week is here. May 7-11 are the days to thank your teachers! It is your chance to give thanks to Colorado’s teachers for all they do. Share your message using #ThankATeacherCO and tag a friend to invite them to also give thanks!

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

Artist Day, Many Thanks!

The students had a great afternoon of art sessions thanks to several volunteering artists. Included in the day was  Jann Vail, collage, Karen H-chain mail jewelry, Harrison Diesner-drawing, Cathy Harmes- watercolor painting, Imar Trujillo-bird sculptures, Cathy Cordova-mural, Lana and Steve Wachterman-mural, Susan Botehlo-needle felting, Carey Linn-Sumi, Harold Vargas- construction, Roz McCain-quilting, Douglas Blytheman-Pastel Portraits, and Johnnye Mullen god’s eyes. The kids and staff thank you for your time.

Assembled Kites

Kites were donated to the Gardner School and on the Family Night at the park, the kites were given to families. The kites are not easy to assemble, so here is a model to follow so you can put yours together. The photo was sent to us by our board member, Jaye Sudar. Please be aware that there are fish hooks involved in the tools used to assemble.