Bully Proof your Kid Workshop for Parents and Movies for the Students


How to bully-proof your kid sponsored by ESPN


WHAT A GREAT TURNOUT WE HAD FOR OUR WORKSHOP! THANK YOU, PARENTS, FOR COMING UP TO  SUPPORT YOUR CHILDREN. Jessica Sato, the presenter was pleased to announce the Gardner crowd was one of the largest workshops attended. We had more parents show up than in schools with several hundred students.  

Student bullying and conflict are persistent challenges in every school, causing students untold suffering, marginalizing diverse youth and impacting the ability of our children to succeed in their careers and future relationships.

At this workshop you will:

Get up to speed on the new face of bully prevention in our school.

  • Learn how to bully-proof your child to succeed in their friendships so that they are neither a bully nor a target.
  • Develop skills to coach your child through the inevitable conflicts and bullying of childhood and adolescence.

December 6, 5:00 dinner followed by movies for students and workshop for parents ending at 7:00 PM

Join us for dinner, door prizes and good company

No Bully (www.nobully.org) is a San Francisco based non-profit organization that partners with schools nationwide to implement a non-punitive and highly effective solution to end bullying and harassment.  Research studies show that teachers and staff trained in the No Bully System® succeed in stopping student bullying in over 90% of cases.  No Bully is helping schools transform into learning communities that are truly inclusive.

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