Shred Hate!


We are a Shred Hate school!

Dear Parents and Students, 

 We are very excited to announce that our school was selected to be part of over 130+ schools nationwide to participate in the Shred Hate program, which is a bullying prevention program created by ESPN and supported by X Games, Major League Baseball and No Bully. Our staff was recently trained in the No Bully System and we are currently implementing more efficient ways to respond to conflict and bullying at our school. Research studies show that teachers and staff trained in the No Bully System® succeed in stopping student bullying in at least 90% of cases. 

Your child will receive a Shred Hate sticker to remind them of the importance of Shredding Hate and Choosing Kindness. We encourage you to take a picture of your child and their sticker and upload it to #ShredHate. Please talk to your child about the importance of choosing kindness and ending conflict and bullying at our school. Together we can accomplish the Shred Hate mission envisioned by ESPN and Major League Baseball.  

For additional information on the Shred Hate program, please go to


Pam Levie, school principal

Please let me know if you have questions or concerns.

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