Artist Afternoon- April 29- Join Us!

Gardner School holds an art immersion day each spring, this year on April 29. We are looking for artists to spend an afternoon at the school working with small groups of students. If you have an art form that you could teach to youngsters, please call the school Monday-Thursday for more information! 746-2446

Thank you to the 16 artists who taught great sessions (and to the teachers who supported them). The artists sharing their skills included Steve and Lana (Mural), Douglas Blytheman,(Portraits) Imar Trujillo (Woodworking), Barb and Rado (Wildlife drawing), Katie Keeling (Clay), Shaunna Vigil (Origami) , Jaye Sudar (Sewing pouches), Bonnie Rose (Felting), Dave Roberts (Junkyard birdhouses), Bob Freese (Leatherwork), Rose Williams (Acrylic painting), Rachel Dimond (Sumi-e), Roz McCain (Quilting) and Carey Linn (Ojos de dios). This year’s artist afternoon was dedicated to three amazing local artists: Jimmy Robison, Clark Dimond, and Lash Baldwin. They will be greatly missed.

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