End of the Year Calendar

May gets so so busy that I am posting major events that will run through the end of the school year:

3/4 Class PTSA show- May 9

Gardner to host Schoolboard Meeting-May 13

Pre/K to Pueblo Children’s Museum -May 15

1/2 Class PTSA show- May 15

½ to the Pueblo Zoo -May 16

⅚ to Camp Jackson- May 19-20

⅞ field trip to the science museum- May 22

Preschool graduation- May 22

All-school trip to Pueblo-May 23

⅚ School sleepover-May 23

JMHS Graduation- May 25

Memorial Day No School- May 27

8th-grade graduation- May 29 1:00

Awards (8:30), K graduation (9:00 AM),whole-school games (excuse at noon) May 30

Report cards will be sent home

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