Some Fun at Home

“Everything can be taken from us but one thing: the freedom to choose our attitude in any given circumstances” -V. Frankl. When my children were teens, I can’t remember how often I had to remind them by saying, “You are in charge of your attitude.” Sometimes I had some eye-rolling in return, but the phrase has stayed with them.

Going about schooling your children at home if a huge task, not to be taken lightly, but it can work. Reach out to your children’s teachers. They will return your calls and are just as upset that your children are not currently learning within the school as you are. If you see your children reaching a frustration point, take a break. Teachers use all sorts of brain breaks that include physical tasks throughout the day. Do not expect perfection or that your children will learn a concept the first time.
Try to make positive memories out of a tough situation. There is plenty to do in addition to the school work. Here is a list of some fun home-bound activities that you may not have thought about to encourage creativity in youngsters:
play a game of hide-and-seek
create recitals, performances, or skits for the whole family to watch
build a backyard fort, a tent made from sheets, or use all those Amazon boxes to create a fortress
get out some cards and play Hearts or learn a magic trick
plant some seeds and soon you will be able to transplant them to the outdoors
go on a backyard scavenger, treasure hunt, or search for new daily signs of spring
search the internet for sites (there are many that you no longer have to pay for since the quarantine)- try Lunch Doodles with Mo WIlliems, my favorite
take a virtual tour around the world: there are train rides and museums. You can watch a released Broadway show or a concert
write a letter to a neighbor, a grandparent, or a long-lost friend
keep a journal of events during the stay-at-home order or make a time capsule. You and your children are living through a historical time
learn to bake some cookies
leave a bouquet of wildflowers as a May Day treat on a neighbor’s porch
have a virtual game night
celebrate Earth Day by using recycled materials to make art
hold a family dance party
fingerpaint with chocolate pudding, shaving cream, make some playdough or slime
Tune into Dolly Parton online reading children’s books each Thursday night
go through old photo albums and share stories about some pictures
get some face paint and perform a circus act
or snuggle up with a kitty and read a book

There is so much that you can create with your children so that when they look back on the time that they couldn’t go to school, they will recall the family-time as pleasurable.

Stay well,

Principal Pam

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