Letter to families:

May 6, 2020

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Grandparents of Gardner School Students,
I do hope that you are all well and finding a rhythm to home learning. Once again, it was a drastic, frantic, and unplanned change of events to our learning, but I thank you.
I have a few updates for each of you. We will not be sending out additional work. This will give your child(ren) time to catch up on missing and current assignments. We will not collect work again until May 14, which is a Thursday, not a Tuesday. Report cards will be mailed out the following week, along with a yearbook for each child. This is a gift from us this year! We wanted every child to be able to enjoy one!
We need each of you to be at Peakview School or Gardner School between 11:00-12:00 on May 14. At that time, we will collect any work, iPads, books, stuffed animal book bags, and basketball uniforms. If you are unable to come to one of the schools at that time, please notify me and I will arrange for a pick-up. We ask that 7/8th graders call the school to arrange a time to come clean out lockers between the 18th and 21st of May. If you are missing a child’s jacket or other valuables, phone the school and we will label it to get it back to its owner on the 14th. Teachers will also bag up students’ supplies to be picked up on the 14th.

This is teacher appreciation week, and so, I must thank each of you for taking on the job as a teacher! Applause, applause, applause! I am so sorry that this happened, but we will go down in history as the “remember those COVID 19 teaching at home days?” All I can hope for that it is a singular event, one that does not have to happen in the fall or ever again. We have taken so much for granted in our lives, and I hope that each of you is able to stay strong and continue to be proud of your kids even while being a parent and a teacher!

I will most likely not get to say goodbye to you in person and that makes me sad. Many of you know that I have been at the Gardner School from the time I turned 21, which has truly been a lifetime. I taught many of you or your siblings. The school has been my life and I am proud to say that. I know most of your children will be returning next year to the Gardner Valley School, and I wish nothing but the best for everyone involved with the new little school.
I would like to recognize the 8th graders who will be heading in many different directions: Nino Cisneros, Cole Cordova, Sofia Crosson, Trey Medina, Gabe Ortibez, Victoria Sanchez, Aiden Trujillo, and Keegan Yetter. Please watch for a newspaper profile on each of our graduates. As Principal Pam always says during farewells,  “Good Bye and Good Luck!” I wish each of you the very best.
Principal Pam

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