Spring 2018

The CMAS sessions went smoothly. Attendance was favorable and few make-up sessions had to be made. Students worked extremely hard and I do hope their efforts will pay off. One student said, “The reading was easy. It was just like Amplify,” and another student told me that he was sad that it was over. This coming week the MAPS, formally NWEA testing, will be completed during school beginning May 8th.

May 3rd was a decade’s old tradition, the annual artist afternoon at the Gardner School. The Gardner area is known to have many artists and yesterday was a testament that the artisan community thrives. Amazing projects occurred throughout the school and each child was excited to participate.

May is such a busy month. There are scheduled field trips, a tea party for volunteers, teacher appreciation week to be celebrated, an eighth-grade orientation at John Mall, track meets, a preschool end of year barbeque, the 8th-grade graduation, and on the final day there will be an awards ceremony. It begins at 8:30. I hope that you will join us.

I have signed an MOU with Mentor CO to help with the organization of a small-scale mentoring program for a handful of our students next year. Drew DeMarie from Mentor Colorado will visit the school to discuss options on the 22nd. Brynn Olinger from The Big Green/The Kitchen Community came for a visit to see the updates on our garden project and was impressed with the work the volunteers and students have achieved. She is acquiring a new sunshade for the back playground as the wind destroyed the last one.

I have had initial conversations with the No Bully Grant organization sponsored by ESPN which will build on prevention, interruption, solution, and empathy building of incidents. Two pieces of training have been set for the fall. One will be an all-day Friday session. Jessica Sato, the facilitator has assured me that the program will “marry” well with the district SEL GSN sponsored grant.

I have continued to follow the opportunities for resources from the Colorado Health Foundation and the next round of applications will be released soon. The opportunity is for a district application covering limitless projects related to school health and wellness. I hope to have the other administrators suggest ideas that can be written into the grant. GO CO accepts grants again in July and I hope to complete a request for funding for updates on our community-school sited playground.

The new camera for the bus has arrived and I hope that installation will happen soon as I have been dealing with ongoing bus trials. Please remind your children about the serious rules of the bus.

Thank you for your time and I hope to see all of you at upcoming events:

Graduation May 30- 1:00, reception to follow
An awards ceremony and Kindergarten graduation May 31st at 8:30 AM

Please call anytime if you need further information.