The kindergarten classroom has been a busy place since the beginning of the school year. The children are learning to blend sounds into words. They are counting everything in sight and practice diligently writing their letters and numerals. Already they have completed listening and learning units on nursery rhymes, exploring the fives senses, story-telling and fables, and have just begun a unit all about plants.  Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) instruction and activity period is one of their favorite times of the day.  We join with Pre-K and discuss and practice ways to be kind, compassionate, and respectful to ourselves, each other, community, and the environment. In addition to music, art, and library, they participate in gardening and nature activities once a week.  Some of their adventures include planting and harvesting vegetables, potting plants, making birdfeeders, and picking apples from the trees in the school’s front yard.

The field trip to Ms. Pam’s for Appling with the primary grades was one highlight of the 1st quarter.  They had a wonderful time as they picked apples, then made apple juice, applesauce and apple tarts. Lots of fun was also had at Nature Day by the Huerfano River on the school-wide venture in September.  The kids made plaster of paris  molds from mostly leaves and feathers, played games led by Mr. Crosson, and  went for a hike up the mountain.

Kindergarten is such an exciting, magical year for children. The kinders are such enthusiastic learners and they are looking forward with much anticipation and wonder to fun holiday activities and the musical production “Snow Biz” with Ms. Jenna.