Seventh Grade and Eighth Grade

Gardner Middle School students have gotten off to a great start. Of course, we’re all settled in now after our first quarter of the school year. The enrollment this year is sitting at 19 students. (10 7th graders & 9 8th graders) We are excited to welcome four students who are new to our community and school. It’s always interesting to see how newcomers adapt to the unique environment and character of our school.

Students seem to be adjusting to our new Math curriculum, Go Math, quickly. We are all enjoying having textbooks and hard copy workbooks to work from. We have also adopted a new writing program, Writer’s Workshop. This program allows students to be much more involved in deciding what they will write about. It seems that they are a bit more productive when they are allowed to write about subjects that really interest them.

When they’re not busy their academic responsibilities, many 7th and 8th grade students are participating in extracurricular activities such as Peer Counseling, Student Council, Volley Ball and now Basketball. Middle School students also help out in the school cafeteria on a daily basis and collect the recyclables from around the building every other week.