News from Principal Pam April 2019

April 16, 2019
Submitted by Pam Levie

Spring is a busy time. The garden in the front of the school has daffodils, tulips, and grape hyacinth in bloom which the kinder and preschool take care of along with our garden volunteers. On March 20th all of our students along with students all over the nation planted seeds with the big green organization website and the greenhouse is overflowing with life.

Spring is also busy with many other events. It was great to see many kids attend the annual carnival. They had a great time and we earned enough to cover the end-of-the-year field trip to swim, rock climb, and play games at the Y and to spend the afternoon at the roller rink. The track team was in Hoehne on Monday and performed well. They have more meets next Tuesday and Friday. The Destination Imagination team traveled to the state competition and had a lot of fun. Spring field trips are scheduled for Camp Jackson, the Pueblo Zoo, museums, and a Pueblo escape room.

We sent 10 middle school students along with 10 of Peakview’s middle school students to the Girls in the Middle (GIM) and Guys Reaching Incredible Potential (GRIP) to TSJC last Friday. The symposium is for the purpose of exposing students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades to Science, Math, Technology, Engineering, and Technical Education careers. Students participated in one large morning workshop presented by the Air Force Academy and three smaller workshops. In addition to the workshops, the day included breakfast, lunch, and a t-shirt. The students said there were some amazing hands-on workshops and great presenters.

The spring literacy night will be held next Thursday, April 25 and the theme will focus on Earth Day. Families will use recycled materials to create, will take an environmental footprint survey, and will fill in Venn diagrams to distinguish how products were used a generation ago and how they are currently used. Then they will draw conclusions and formulate how to reduce, reuse and recycle. We will serve dinner, give door prizes, and keep the Walsenburg children after school so they do not have to travel the round trip twice to encourage attendance. In addition to the event, students will clean the sides of the highway during Earth Week.

I organized a Mental Health First Aid course view website which we held at Peakview on Friday, May 5th. In the course, we learned signs and symptoms of a mental health challenge or crisis, what to do in an emergency, and where to get help. Participants were from many organizations and in addition to being a great class, people had networking opportunities.

CMAS is in full swing and up until today attendance has been decent and we have been able to conduct make-up tests in a timely manner. Unfortunately, I spoke with several parents today who said their children had flu-like symptoms and may not be back until next week. Thank goodness we have next week to make up tests. Teachers are using several fun rewards for classes as they show effort while testing.

We will be conducting interviews for the school’s open Preschool/Kindergarten position over the next two weeks, and hope to have a teacher to recommend at the April 22 board meeting. For the counselor’s position Heidi, Meghan and I will conduct interviews collectively as applications come in to fill the positions.