Oct 2019

I must say time is flying by. We just completed the all-time quickest quarter. What is it about how time seems to speed up when you are older. For those of you who sense that time takes so much less time, I have read that s you get older, the production of mental images slows, giving the sense that time passes more rapidly.

Anyhow, we have begun quarter two and soon we will be holding our One Room Schoolhouse Day and performing our Christmas at the Movies show.

Students and staff bundled up today as the weather has begun to change. The wind has been howling and the students return from recess with red cheeks and cold hands. They realize that if they keep moving outside that they keep warmer. As a result, we have a lot more activity during recess when it is cold.

The volleyball season has come to an end for the year. The girls improved their skills and had some great games. They will have an end-of-season celebration this Friday (weather pending). The basketball season will begin shortly. Kevin Crosson and Megan Hanlon will be holding an organizational meeting next Tuesday and the teams will begin practice soon after. We are still unsure if we will have a girls’ team but will know for sure after Tuesday’s meeting.

The staff has been involved in a lot of conferences. The Early Literacy group, Shyanne Pagnotta, Camilla Adler, Deborah Tanzy and I, attended the READing Conference sponsored by CDE two weeks ago. The first day focused on an overview of the grant. The next days were full of useful and practical information. For example, some of the breakout workshops trained teachers on how to best teach the reading of multi-syllable words, learn the fundamentals of dyslexia, apply how to get the best results from MTSS, and what administrators should know about Early Literacy.

Diego Bobian has attended many conferences with the counselors and the latest was on updates for the counselor corps grant. The social-emotional program at the school is in full swing. Diego is working with individuals, small groups and each grade level. Today he took our middle school students to Peakview to join them in a “Healthy Relationship” assembly.

We had close to 100% attendance at our fall conferences and teachers continue to contact parents to reschedule. Communication is a high priority and we believe that seeing parents in person is extremely important. Our family literacy evening has been rescheduled due to possible weather tomorrow, Thursday and because I found out that the Peakview carnival was happening at the same time (they postponed too).

So I will wrap this up with the suggestion that you get out your wraps (dumb pun) to bundle up tomorrow… If that snow is on its way. Stay cozy!