Dear Gardner Parents,

Have you been thinking when is the best time to consider preschool. This article outlines  why-preschool-matters.

Parents- Is your New Year’s resolution to help your kids do better in school. Here is an article of helpful tips. Help your kids have a successful school year.


Teens are going through many changes and they need your help to build self-esteem. Here is an article to help you help your children in middle school to feel good about themselves. self esteem

Have you ever wondered about the four day week? Is it a good thing for kids? Are the longer days beneficial? For more information, check out this article from Parents Magazine. click here
This article outlines the benefits of a four day school week.

Mighty Mommy on has 5 ways to encourage problem solving at a young age:
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NPR has a challenge. Read the article, Where The Wild Fractions Are: The Power Of A Bedtime (Math) Story.
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