28 September 2015

By Harmonee Valdez

Falcon Flash, 28 September 2015

We are starting to drift into the dog days of the school year at Gardner School, and much is happening! We’ve gotten several new students lately, and welcome them all! This week, we also got a new teacher for 3rd and 4th grade! Mrs. Mathason is very welcome to join the flock of Falcons here in Gardner! In addition to Mrs. Mathason, Mr. Nate has joined us as a para-professional.

Our student spotlight this week is a class, rather than a student. Our first and second grade class, led by Ms. Jody, invited us in and answered as a class. They love to play the game “find the sum” in math, and love being read to, especially when the book is any in the series The Magic Tree House. They claim to be really crazy, too! They love the big playground and PE class (but who doesn’t?!).

The volleyball team has a game on Wednesday at Aguilar, and the team is starting to turn it on after a slow start. There are even rumors of a challenge match between the teachers and volleyball team. No word on what will be on the line in addition to students’ and teachers’ pride.

The first quarter is roughly half over. Parents and students, are you where you want to be? If not, your time is dwindling!

Until next time, feel free to join the flight of the Falcons!07 Sep Download 235