5 October, 2015


By Veronica Nicole Grant

Last week saw our homecoming parade, which was described by students as “loud.” Other descriptions used by students include “hot” (as in the temperature) and “fun.” As usual, Mr. Crosson dressed up, this time as the theme animal for Gardner. “Underdog” made the day for the Falcons.  (EDITORIAL NOTE: We had a picture of “Underdog,” but it was unavailable at time of printing.)

Our volleyball team lost, but head coach Ms. Katie said that the team played like a team, and that the teamwork was the best so far this season. We had to reschedule some games, so our game this week is in La Veta, on Thursday at 4:30.

Over the weekend some snow fell in the mountains surrounding Gardner, and students loved seeing the fluff on their way to school.

American Furniture Warehouse graciously gave Gardner School $1,000 in furniture, and students and staff are busily putting the selections of tables, chairs, and other items together for use. We’re grateful for American Furniture and their gift to Gardner. Thank you!

This week the Generation Schools team from Denver is coming to Gardner to help the school improve. We’re glad to have them here, and glad to have any help we can get!

Also, this week our students are leaving at 2:00 PM on Wednesday, as our teachers have some work to do.

This week’s student spotlight is Hannah. Hannah likes that she knows her teachers by more than just their names. She can joke with them. She loves basketball, though she admits she’s not the best. Asked what she hates about Gardner School, she said that “there’s really nothing.” She wishes the budget here wasn’t so tight, but she enjoys her time here.

Until next week, we’re the Falcons!