New news from Pam

November 7,2015 Huerfano RE-1 Board Report submitted by P. Levie, Gardner

As I conduct walk-throughs and have conversations with teachers and students, I have observed so many great things happening at the school: a profitable book fair, fall themes, pumpkin math, informational brochures in one class about the results of drug use and infograms about illness in another, respectful students, lab experiments, evidence-based reading, combined grades in math and reading using methods to remediate or challenge, ipads being used for research and skill mastery, homework club, basketball enthusiasts, learning to jump rope, healthy Halloween snacks, improved teacher collaboration, a school-wide challenge to record daily gratitude, veterans to visit this week, and our 28th One Room School House celebration on November 11.

• Early in the school year, students were having some bus issues. They have improved greatly and seat assignments have been lifted.

• A grant offered by CDE, Connect for Success, is available for Gardner School to submit a proposal. It is in the works and must be submitted by the 19th of this month.

• Colorado Healthy Schools: Smart Source conducted an extensive questioner about students’ habits, fitness and nutrition. The resource will decrease duplicative data collection by streamlining multiple survey efforts and recognize exemplar schools and districts in order to replicate best practices. It will also provide a far more robust picture of the effects of their school health efforts through tailored technical assistance and school-level reports. We will hear back from them in mid-February.

• The student council is active this year. They sponsored a Halloween dance and are currently working on academic-based activities like, “Dress as a historical figure.” They are also revising the positive behavior matrix to ensure school-wide buy-in.

• Boys and girls’ basketball season has begun. They are off to a good start. Enthusiasm is high.

• A group of adults from the community has requested to use the gym to play basketball on Monday evenings. We are glad to have the heart-healthy get some gym time.

• In order to meet the needs of such diverse groups of learners, the primary teachers have begun using the Daily Five, which is a framework for structuring literacy time so students develop lifelong habits of reading, writing and working independently. When the procedures are in place, it frees-up teachers to work with small groups or individuals.

• November 11 will be our 28th One Room Schoolhouse celebration. We’d love to have you come visit during our beloved school tradition. This year the theme will be a historical perspective of Native Americans and the importance of their environment. There has been an effort to track down teachers who taught in Gardner many years ago to join us.

• The Generation Schools Network team will return to Gardner on the 17th of this month to report their findings. They will meet with M. Moore and myself and later in the day they will share their findings with the entire staff.

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving! It is my very favorite holiday of the year.