16 November, 2015

Gardner School’s annual One Room Schoolhouse event passed last week, and all of the details are here in this week’s Falcon Flash!

Students from kindergarten to 8th grade were mixed into seven teachers’ classrooms as they would have been in Colorado’s early days. Teachers created lesson plans on four subjects: math, language arts, social studies, and science. The math lesson involved mean, median, and mode. Students also guessed amounts of rocks and candy in containers. The language arts lesson involved creating stories from ancient Native American pictographs…and then reading them to the class. The social studies lesson involved creating a diorama to show that Native Americans used what they had to create homes and villages. Finally, the science lesson involved a game of ball-in-hole, in which students put together a game of paddle and stringed ball, in which the object was to put the ball through a hole in the paddle. All students also had a lesson in PE, where Mr. Crosson set up an obstacle course of sorts for the students. Students and teachers alike found the day fun and all learned a lot!

Next week, students and teachers return to their normal work as students and teachers prepare for Thanksgiving and the last few weeks before Winter Break. Our friends in the weather business tell us winter is coming. Are you ready?

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