30 November,2015

Americans are all about survival. We have survived a number of wars. We have survived disease. We’ve even survived some pretty awful leadership over our history. This week was about survival as we celebrated the survival of some people who probably wouldn’t have survived without some help. These colonists might have starved if not for the help of their Native American friends, and the two groups are remembered in the most American of holidays, which is Thanksgiving. This holiday, built around gratefulness, is about survival. The colonists survived, and were grateful for it. Today, we thrive, but we still have a lot to be thankful for. Not only do we continue to survive, but we have families and loved ones to be near. We have each other. We have traditions to uphold or change as we see fit.

Among those traditions are time off from traditional work (we only had two days of school last week) so our families and friends can gather for the holiday. We eat turkey and mashed potatoes. On our table are cranberries and pie. We celebrate.

Some families can’t gather for the holidays, and they should not be forgotten. Others have chosen to skip the traditional meal for an easier one, or even to skip cooking to eat out. Still others have chosen to skip the holiday. These people should not be neglected or shunned, but celebrated as the holiday is. Like the early colonists, these people have survived, and should be celebrated as well.

The holiday season is upon us. No matter what you celebrate, we at Gardner School hope that you do so with joy. As this can be a difficult time of year for those without families, we hope you take the time to notice those who lack and spread joy where you can.

There are just three weeks left of school before the end of the semester. Then we have two weeks to rest before we begin next semester. Do you have plans for Winter Break, or like the colonists of old are you just trying to survive?

This week, our students begin to learn their parts for the winter program, including songs that each class has picked to sing! It should be a night not to miss, as Gardner performs for families and friends!