21 January, 2016

By Harmonee Valdez and Taylor Vigil

The whole school is working on projects in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Kindergarten students discussed kindness and sharing and talked about Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dream.

When asked what he knew about Martin Luther King, Jr., Kindergartener, Drake Adams, said; “He kept going and going even though people didn’t like him. “

First and Second graders read Martin’s Big Words the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. By Doreen Rappaport. After reflecting on MLK’s dream, the students wrote about their own dreams.

“I want to give people money. I want to build houses for people that don’t have houses. I want to donate money to Gardner school,” Second grader, Sacoya Jardine, wrote.

“When I grow up, I want to be a cop. I want to protect people and arrest robbers,” Isac Ortibez, second grader, wrote.

Joseph Santana, second grader, wrote; “When I grow up, I want to be a construction worker. I will help people build houses to live in.”

Third and fourth grade performed a reader’s theatre entitled, The Sound of Great Voices by D.R. Andersen. The play summarized Martin Luther King, Jr.’s accomplishments and detailed where Dr. King found inspiration.

In addition, Fifth and sixth graders discussed MLK’s dream and the impact his work had on history.

Seventh and Eighth grade celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr. Day by watching the famous “I have a Dream” speech and discussing Dr. Kings impact on society today. The students were asked to share their reaction to MLK’s speech.

Ciera Padilla, seventh grader, said, “It shouldn’t matter how rich you are, or what color you are. The only thing that matters is how you act and how you react to certain things. It’s called personality, and that should be the only thing that matters.”

“A lot has changed since Martin Luther King, Jr.’s, I have a dream speech. Now, black people have the same rights as white people. Humanity should be one race and love should be our religion,” Hannah Cordova, eighth grader.

Seventh grade student, Tyler Aguirre, said, “I though MLK’s speech was something that changed the world. It made the world a better place.”

Also his week, Ms. Katie recognized Nevaeh Sandoval-Bobian as the student of the week.

Ms. Katie said, “Nevaeh enjoys learning opportunities and meets all challenges with hard work. She always remembers to employ strategies she has learned to solve problems.   When work gets hard, she tries harder and does not give up; until, she has conquered the task at hand.”

“She is always up for reading an enchanting story; and also, enjoys exploring new information through non-fiction. She is respectful and always does what is asked of her. She is a pleasure to have in class. I am proud to recognize her as this week’s Student of the Week!” Ms. Katie added.

Gardner School student of the week, Nevaeh Sandoval-Bobian

Gardner School student of the week, Nevaeh Sandoval-Bobian