7 September 2015

Falcon Flash 07September2015

Another week has passed at Gardner School, and while a lot has happened, students and staff were grateful to have an extra day off for Labor Day.

Out student spotlight this week is Drake, who is a new student at Gardner School. Drake is a kindergartner, and loves being with Ms. Jackie, who is a new teacher in Gardner. Drake loves that his teacher “lets us have free play time.” Apparently, the love is mutual, as Ms. Jackie enjoys having Drake in class.   Ms. Jackie is from the New York area, and Drake was amazed at what a city can look like. Drake’s favorite bit of knowledge gained is shapes. Having moved to Gardner from South Dakota, Drake is in love with the mountains around Gardner, and lists climbing mountains among his goals.

Ms. Casey Huff enjoys the presence of a baby boy. Both mom and baby are doing great, from all indications. Ms. Casey will return to teaching 5th and 6th grade in the coming weeks.

Students scored well in the first round of local NWEA testing. Students were tested in reading, math, and science. Writing will occur on Tuesday, September 8. Teachers will use the data from testing to help students to reach for students’ individual goals and improve total output from students. The next round of NWEA testing will happen in the winter months.

This week, staff and students will have an expeditionary learning experience at the San Isabel Forest on the Huerfano River. This trip will happen on Thursday, September 10. Along with fresh air and exercise, students will observe the changes in nature as the temperature cools.