Events of the Week


Date Event

January 15, 2018

·         Martin Luther King Day

·        Release at 2:30pm, due to weather



January  16, 2018

·        10:00am Start to School

·        Basketball practice

·        DI

·        Knitting club 4:00 to 5:00pm

·        P.A.L.S.

·        Gardner School Foundation Meeting 5:00pm



January 17, 2018

·        Basketball practice

·        3:00 School Release




January 18, 2018

·        Basketball away game in LaVeta, leave at 3:15pm.


Saturday    January 20, 2018
DI Instant Challenge in Pueblo- leave Gardner at 10:30am.




Pre-School will be scheduled at a separate time by Ms. Stella for the January 25th Thursday- District Testing Day


January 29th Monday- Basketball home game with Cotopaxi