2019 CMAS Testing Information

Policy IKA-E parent request for exemption from State Assessments Form – Click Here for the form. Completed forms should be returned to the principal’s office or district office.

CMAS parent letter 2019

Dear parents,

That time of year is here again to begin preparing for the annual statewide assessments. Our 3rd through 8th graders soon will begin taking the statewide assessments that are aligned to the Colorado Academic Standards and measure real world skills like problem-solving, communicating and thinking critically, all essential for success in college and careers. These assessments, examine students’ knowledge in English language arts, math, science and social studies and will be given over a three-week window between April 9 and April 26.

Colorado ninth-graders will take the PSAT 8-9 as the statewide assessment in English language arts and math. Colorado’s 10th-grade students will continue to take the PSAT 10, and 11th-grade students will take the SAT. 

The overall goal is to ensure all students are prepared for college or careers when they leave high school. These tests provide a snapshot of how our students are progressing toward that goal and how our teachers can better help them achieve it. It is also important to remember these tests are just one measure of a student’s progress, but they are the only common measurement that helps parents understand how their children are doing compared with their peers around the state, how the school is performing and how the district is doing overall. Data from the tests also helps policymakers identify what schools or districts need more help and which ones should be celebrated for their successes.

But the information is only good if students take the assessments. In recent years, the state has worked to reduce the number and length of tests for our students in an effort to answer the call from parents who were unhappy about the overload.

State law requires local school boards to develop a policy allowing parents to excuse their students from participating in 1 or more state assessments. Thus, districts cannot impose negative consequences on students or parents if a parent excuses their student from an assessment. Likewise, districts cannot impose burdens on students to discourage them from participating in an assessment. However, Huerfano RE-1 encourages parents to have all children take the assessments. We need to meet the 95% threshold of students testing in order to avoid any decline in our schools or district accreditation ratings.

We strongly encourage all students to take all tests so that we may have an accurate, positive outcome for all. Opt-out forms are available at all schools via the school secretary/Principal. Prior to completing an opt-out form it is necessary to consult with the school Principal.

Parents, please consider that your child/children:

  • Are well rested by getting enough sleep so as to be alert and at their physical/mental best to test
  • Are nutritionally sound by eating a proper breakfast and lunch at school or at home
  • Are motivated to make every effort to do their very best

I thank you for considering that all children take all assessments and that all children attempt to do their very best. Good luck to all! 


Michael J Moore

Superintendent Huerfano RE-1 School District

Exemption Request Form for State Assessments

Policy IKA-E parent request for exemption from State Assessments Form – Click Here for the form.  Completed forms should be returned to the principal’s office or district office.

CMAS Fact Sheet – What To Expect

State Assessment Letter from Superintendent Moore

Dear Parents/Guardians:

It is that time of year again for our students to be engaged in taking state assessments beginning on April 4th and ending on April 21st with make-up sessions scheduled for the week of the 25th.

I ask that all our district children participate in this annual event because assessment of student progress is an integral and essential component of the teaching-learning process. Results provide information which allows teachers to evaluate the effectiveness of instructional programs and strategies. Assessments may also assist teachers in prioritizing appropriate educational interventions for students.

These tests shall include: PARCC Math and English Language Arts, CMAS Science and Social Studies and the PSAT and ACT. For more detailed information about specific grade levels and test subjects as well as projected time for testing (approximate hours needed per test) please see our website for the document “Colorado Measures of Academic Success: what to expect for 2015-2016”.

The Colorado Legislature made several changes to the state’s assessment system during the 2015 legislative session. As a result, you can find the district’s updated student assessment policies (Policy IKA, IKA-R, IKA-E) at http://huerfano.k12.co.us/

These updates include a “Parent Request for Exemption from State Assessments”, which allows those who choose not to participate in one or more tests the ability to complete an exemption form available in all school offices. *A separate form must be filed for each student exempted.

Again, we encourage all students to take the state assessments. We are hopeful that we have 100% participation. Thank you for working together to help our young people succeed.


Michael J Moore/Superintendent/Huerfano RE-1 School District