School Closure Procedures and Rubric Letter

In cases of bad weather, Mr. Moore uses a rubric to decide if school should be closed. Please check out the rubric before you call the school.
School Closure Procedure and Rubric Letter

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DAAC Committee

The first DAAC meeting of the year will be on October 19th at 6pm at Peakview Elementary. If you would like to join the DAAC, please contact the District office.

As this group serves the Colorado Preschool Program as well, the committee needs a diverse number of members. This includes but is not limited to:

  • At least three parents of students enrolled in the district
  • One teacher employed in the district
  • One school administrator employed in the district
  • One business person from the district

In addition, the committee must have these areas represented for CPP.

  • Two parents of children currently attending the district preschool program
  • Two members of the business community
  • Representatives from the following:
    •  County or district health department
    •  Department of social services
    •  County agency involved in job services and training
    •  Publicly funded early childhood education agency located in the school district
    •  Privately funded child care center located in the school district
    •  Charter school located in district that has a preschool program

For full information, check out the District Accountability Handbook and the Colorado Preschool Handbook