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A Message from the Technology Department

Regarding iPads. This is a reminder that iPads are intended to be utilized as an educational device and not a gaming or social media outlet.  To that end, we will be closing both the App Store and the RE-1 App Store temporarily. Students must remove any unauthorized app from their iPads. (In case you don’t know how to remove an app, hold down on the app’s icon until it wiggles then tap the X in the upper corner of the icon. Presto! It’s gone). Unauthorized apps include non educational games, facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and any of the many texting apps available.


Superintendent’s Seat 1-5-2016

Superintendent’s Seat
Happy New Year! Hey, how are those New Year’s resolutions working for you?
What? You’ve tried them and already broken them? You had so many to make that you had a hard time deciding on any? You were confident in starting them but as a few days wear on your confidence is really waning?
Don’t worry. I’ve got a few resolutions that are time tested and can be kept with a soaring level of confidence.
1. Dedicate spending more quality time with your children/grandchildren.
2. Read a story or part of a chapter to your kids every night….better yet, have them read to you.
3. Create an after school routine for your children. (chores, study time, dinner, TV, study time, etc.) Not necessarily in that order and age appropriate, of course.
4. Create a homework/study space for your children. This should be a consistent place for them to be able to work independently and without much distraction.
5. Spend more time reviewing your children’s school assignments with them so they understand what is being asked of them. Show that you care.
6. Help your children with their homework, help them develop the skills necessary for completion and do not complete it for them but with them.
7. Seek quality work not mediocrity from your children.
8. Seek less social media networking and more school work from your children
9. Get involved in your children’s school, volunteer, develop positive relationships with their teachers and become part of their success stories.
10. Remember, it is never too late. Kids are never too old to desire/need your help, involvement, encouragement, advice, pride and love.
As always, have a great week and remember: should you have any concerns, praise or opinions, feel free to contact me at the district office or by email at
Michael J Moore/Superintendent/Huerfano RE-1