Technology – iPads blocked/not working

Attention all students:

All social media apps such as Facebook and Snapchat are being blocked.
We are also blocking most texting apps, including TextMe!, Yik Yak, TextNow.
We are also blocking all VPN software, such as VPNDefender or VPN Master.

Section 8 of the Huerfano School District 1:1 iPad agreement form which all students were required to go over with their parent(s)/guardians specifies that these types of apps are not to be used.

Q. What happens if I have any of these apps?  A.  Our system automatically scans and locates these apps and sets your iPad into a limited use mode.   For example, your iPad may no longer have access to the camera.

Q.  I didn’t download it, but my iPad is still limited. How do I fix it?  A.  To fix it, try removing the app by either hold down on the app’s icon until it wiggles then tap the X in the upper corner of the icon. OR if you can’t locate the app on your homescreen, Tap the ‘Settings’ on your home screen. This will look like a cogwheel. It should open automatically to the ‘General’ tab. Tap on the ‘Usage’ button. The Usage tab shows a list of all the apps installed on your device and how space each consumes. You can also see the amount of free space you currently have on your device and in your iCloud account. You may have to tap ‘Show all Apps’ to see the app you want to delete. (step-by-step instructions are available at: )

Q. I’ve deleted the apps and it still hasn’t given me access back.  A.  Give the system up to 24 hours to rescan for the apps. If after 24 hours the iPad hasn’t updated, please contact the Huerfano Re-1 Technology Department. We are located in the High School West Wing in Room 20 (Either South door, first classroom in the center of the building after you walk in).  You may also email us at .

Town Hall Forum – February 17 @ 5:30pm

Town Hall Forum is on Thursday 2/17 at 5:30 pm at the Washington School Auditorium at 201 E 5th St. I encourage your attendance as an initial presentation will be conducted about generating revenue for the school district from a proposed Mill Levy increase. Discussion will detail potential amount of the potential Mill Levy increase and it’s cost to our citizens via tax increase. You are cordially invited to attend to learn more.

PS: This meeting is not about Gardner School and the discussion about it’s rumored closure which is creating great anxiety and some divisiveness in the district. We seek, rather, to unify our district and not be divisive over current revenue generating ideas. Ideas or opinions are all they are at this point. Therefore I clearly state that at this current juncture our focus is primarily on a potential mill levy increase.

Thank You,

Michael Moore/Superintendent