Help us all stay in school and stay well

A note from School Nurse Laurie: Help us all stay in school and stay well.

As we see an increase in positive cases in our county and therefore in our schools we ask all Parents, Students,Teachers and Staff to remember:

PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR KIDS TO SCHOOL SICK! The Omicron variant is presenting in kids as any of these symptoms: (Please see attached for full list) Low grade fever, sore throat, headache, fatigue and body aches.

We do have rapid tests that can be done on our Students, Staff and Teachers, as well as immediate at risk family members as needed.

We will ask to test your student for COVID anytime your student presents to the nurses office with any symptoms that could be related to COVID. Please do not be upset with the Teachers or the Nurse, it is a condition of the contract for us to receive these tests for free that we ask this.

Testing is not mandatory.

Please register at:
Peakview code: c0063
JohnMall: c9212

Register one parent or guardian first, using school code from the highest grade, then add members to that account.

The State health department is recommending testing to help prevent further spread to our more vulnerable population. Generally at 3 to 5-7 days post exposure and again 5-7 days after that. The rapid test can give you a clue, but the Gold standard is the PCR.

The train depot testing is:

Tuesday 10-4
Wednesday 1-4
Thursday 9-2

If you are experiencing any COVID symptoms we ask that you stay home and self-quarantine. Please contact the school to let us know so that we may work with you on staying up on your studies.

Laurie O’Connor RN, BSN
School Nurse/Huerfano School District RE 1

At-Home Symptom Screening for Parents and Staff

At Home Sympton Screening for Students and Staff Who Needs to Quarantine(1.7.22)

Who Needs to Quarantine updated 1-7-2022

Return to Learn January 2022

Return to Learn January 2022

Bus Route changes

There will be no in town or Navajo bus route until January 31.

There will also be no Apache/Dakota bus route until Monday January 24th.

This is effective today.

If your children ride either of the two bus routes, you will have to come pick them up at dismissal time today.

FREE Dental Care for Children – Feb 18, 2022

Click here for the Give Kids a Smile Flyer!

Give Kids A Smile Flyer

Children receive FREE dental care  on Friday, February 18TH, 2022!


  • All Children ages 0 -17
  • do not have dental insurance; receive a free dental exam and initial treatment

At Salud!

Stop by the dental front desk or call Salud to schedule your visit!

Salud Dental
928 Smith Ave.
Trinidad, Co.  81082

give kids a smile 2022 – flyer