Huerfano School District Re-1 facebook

I have waited to respond so as to respond in a professional manner to the credible threat issue and any personal attacks as a result of our decisions/actions. Allow me to take the high road. First to the issue:
Sometimes when situations like these arise we, as a district, have to be incredibly careful as to what is released by robocall, facebook and the media. When our statements were issued both on Thursday and Sunday afternoon it was imperative that we did not go into detail and provide any more information than necessary. By being specific, the accused young person would then be provided the same information as parents received. Our first priority….keep things calm with normal routines, keep kids safe and be prepared for alternate plans in case things escalate. Providing too much information would have let this young person know that we were aware of the types of threats made against Peakview School and thus looking for said person thereby making it much more difficult for the men and women of the sheriff’s department to locate this young person, of which we wanted to occur as rapidly as possible. We, meaning myself, our risk assessment team and school administrators, were in constant communication and discussions with the SRO and the Sheriff’s department throughout this 5 day ordeal. By law and common sense, it is never okay to compromise your secured area to a person arriving at the school. Thus the name Lock-down or Lock-out. It is simply what it says it is. Nobody enters or leaves.
I am sorry some detractors may feel differently. I believe we did the best we could under the circumstances. I appreciate you having an opinion but I don’t necessarily have to agree with it. I would like to suggest prior to making inflammatory or derogatory comments please take the time to calm down, put yourself in one’s position and make every effort to understand the rationale behind decision making strategies. I thank the multitude of parents and community members who have expressed thanks and gratitude for always having our students safety and well being as the #1 priority. Nothing is more important and nothing hurts more than something happening to our kids.
Should you have any questions my door is always open.

Mike Moore