Update from Superintendent Moore

Dear Parents, employees ,
students and community members: Update to school situation! We had provided a generic statement about our school lockdown and closure referring to it as a precautionary security measure. We did so in order that any investigations being conducted by our Sheriff’s department were not compromised by any release of information that we were aware of. Investigations are still ongoing yet I feel I can provide you with some information of which you will see on channel 13 and 5 news reports.
On Wednesday late morning I was informed of a verbal threat meant for our AP at Peakview School. Student was disciplined according to District procedures and policies. Later we learned of a robbery at the Ap’s home in which 2 handguns were stolen. Knowing that these weapons had not been found or any suspect caught, I made the decision to close school for Thursday. Later Wednesday evening I got a report that another Peakview faculty members home had been robbed and 2 more firearms stolen. The latest update is that 2 of the 4 stolen firearms have been returned and investigations are still occurring.
I will provide an update about school on Monday as I get more information hopefully to come to my attention soon.
Thank you for your patience and understanding about the importance of not divulging specific information during ongoing investigations.
After just watching 13 news, it was never said that we expected a school shooting. It was stated, after being asked a question about school shootings, that with all the school shootings that have happened in the US and having employee’s weapons stolen, “Who knows? The possibility is always there and that certainly it is off concern considering we have just had employee homes robbed for their weapons”
Superintendent Moore