Message from superintendent Moore

Parents, students, teachers and community. I ask that you please understand that all of us are going through some trying times filled with many new updates from the Governor and public health departments as well as trying to educate our students via Google classroom, internet, long distance learning, paper packets, due dates for assignment turn in etc. This is new to many of us, as well as to you, the parents and students. It can be fraught with emotions, high anxiety, misunderstandings, confusion, frustration etc. We all are suspect to these feelings.
Folks, all we can do at this time is have a lot of patience and understanding for each other. We understand many of you are experiencing something new….helping to organize assignment schedules, completion of school work and being an at home instructor. Our teachers too are experiencing new things and are adapting, modifying and working out kinks in assignment distribution, communications and technology issues.
During these frustrating weeks, if you have any questions I urge you to please contact your child’s teacher via the communication methods they have provided you in the 1st round of packets that were distributed (email, zoom, skype, classroom apps, phone etc.)
As you are aware, this type of at home learning will continue until a potential return to school on Monday April 20th. I add potential return because there is noise coming from Denver that we may not be back in school the remainder of the year. it is just chatter at this point thus we will continue to educate as we are until the expected April 20th return date. However, please understand that it is possible (anything is possible) we may not return on the 20th. for everybody’s sake I hope the 20th will be a reality. So, again I will ask everybody to please have patience and understanding. Also, if you are experiencing difficulties becoming a “teacher at home”, do not hesitate contacting your child’s teacher or teachers. We will help the best we can.

Thank you so much.
Superintendent Mike Moore