A Message from the Superintendent of Schools

A Message from the Superintendent of Schools

Some school districts very recently stated that their schools are closed the remainder of the school year and will continue to offer their instructional models. In essence, we are doing the same thing without stating that schools are closed the remainder of the school year. We know that schools are closed until April 30 and we know that in person, face-to-face instruction will likely not return the rest of the school year. Therefore, our remote, at home learning will continue to be offered as scheduled most likely until the end of this school year. The school board and I will discuss the semantics (use of the word Closed versus using the Governors guidelines) at the April 13 board meeting.

Access to Huerfano RE-1 Buildings and Facilities
All Huerfano RE-1 buildings and facilities (including schools, playgrounds, athletic fields, etc.) are closed through April 30 and most likely through the end of the school year. We are unable to allow families or students access to our schools to pick up any personal belongings at this time. In addition, in order to help minimize the spread of COVID-19 in our community, we ask our families and students to avoid playgrounds, ballparks, athletic fields, tracks, etc. located on Huerfano RE-1 properties.

Community Service Hours for 2020 Graduates are waived
With remote learning in place and COVID restrictions; it is incredibly difficult for our high school seniors to receive the necessary hours of community service hours required to graduate with the Class of 2020. I have had many discussions about this dilemma with our high school leaders, and together we have made the decision to waive this community service requirement for RE-1’s graduating seniors. In other words, the determined # community service hours will not be required for our 2020 graduates.

Prom Canceled /Graduation Ceremonies (pre-k, 8th grade, HS)
Due to this extended closure, we have made the decision to cancel the Huerfano RE-1 sponsored prom scheduled to take place in late April.

We are very proud of our Class of 2020, as well as, our pre-K and 8th grade students for reaching a milestone. Thus, we are looking into options for these graduation/promotion ceremonies. While we do not have a specific plan in place for graduations just yet, we are working on contingency plans should our closure be extended beyond April 30 and through the remainder of the school year. One potential option may be to reschedule graduations/promotions for the summer so that we can still celebrate our amazing graduates who have worked hard to earn their graduation diplomas or to be promoted to 1st or 9th grades. We do not want them to miss these important milestones.

Michael J Moore
Superintendent/Huerfano School District Re-1