Huerfano RE-1 School District Re-opening of Schools Plan

Huerfano RE-1 School District Re-opening of Schools Plan

This plan is susceptible to change at a moment’s notice. These plans will also need to be approved by the Las Animas/Huerfano Health Department. We are currently waiting for a response by Friday afternoon. When I receive said response then we will either make recommended changes or go to another choice> remote learning until Labor Day or alternate a/b days. These are our intentions:

  1. School will open for full time in person instruction, meaning all students are expected to attend schools on August 13, 2020. If this option is not possible it is likely we would go to an all “remote learning” situation until Labor Day and reevaluate prior to that date.
  2. Parents/students will have the option to stay home and engage in remote learning provided by the school district. Students will engage in live lessons provided in the classroom via live video. Our intent is to provide as close to a classroom experience as possible with the live instruction. We have also purchased Schoology, a new, trusted, platform to deliver this and other lessons/work associated with the classroom experience.
  3. Schools will abide by the safety protocols as put forth by the local health department to include:
  4. Temperature scans for all personnel and students. These may be conducted prior to entry on a school method of transportation (bus or school vehicle
  5. Intermittent health checks during the school day
  6. Facemasks, preferably of the cloth type, or other material will be required for students and teachers to wear. The school district will provide masks to any student needing a mask. We understand that it will be difficult for many children to keep these on yet we need to make the effort to ask that they do, to the best of their ability and we need your help in doing so.
  7. Follow protocols to wash hands often and use hand sanitizer
  8. Attempt to follow social distancing protocols as best as possible
  9. Cleaning and wiping of surfaces by custodial personnel
  10. If allowed to go full time, busing will be normal and not limited to 10-12 students. If the full time plan is not allowed then expect busing changes to occur which could include some bus runs not being available.

This has been a very trying time to determine our best course of action and I understand and appreciate the fact that people will have differing opinions and may exercise the right to choose the “remote learning” option. We ask that you please inform school personnel of your choice during early registration which will occur soon of which you will be notified. Thank you. Let us all do the best that we can to provide a meaningful learning experience for all.


Michael J Moore
Superintendent of Huerfano RE-1 Schools

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