Status of John Mall HS -11/3/2020

Status of John Mall HS: I wish I could give y’all some great news, as well as, tons of facts. I am unable to at this point. This is what I can tell you. The structural engineer came today and took measurements of various wall and floor cracks, ceiling tile movement, roof repair needs etc etc. He stated he believes it to be structural damage due to the foundation in the front of the building dropping (moving) approximately 1 ft. (that is a lot of movement) It could be the weight of the snowpack on the roof or the soil structure itself (he is not sure as yet). He will be bringing other personnel with him, hopefully, in the next few days, to do further in depth studies. He is reluctant to make a statement about the safety of the building thus it is up to me to make a determination so…….. with the information provided to me and without a statement or certificate designating the structure is safe to be inhabited, I will not put anybody in jeopardy of injury or worse. Therefore…we must continue teaching with remote learning until further notice. This could be 1 week, 2 weeks, the rest of the semester or possibly much longer. Nobody shall enter the building until I hear that it is safe to re-enter and declare it as such.
This is going to be a process so please understand and bear with us as we wait for more specific information. Your administrators and I will be trying to develop contingency plans for in person learning but realistically that probably won’t occur until 2nd semester, if need be.
John Mall HS is not to be occupied at this time. Remote learning continues until further notice.
Thank you,