A reminder from the Technology Department

All ready this year we have replaced a number of iPad charging cables and audio adapters, and at least one Charging adapter. We would like to remind parents and especially students that these items cost the district to replace, and therefore we must pass these costs on to students.
As was noted in the ipad information packet that all students received, the technology Department has established a Technology Store. We have a small stock of Chargers, charging cables and Audio adapters available for purchase. The cost are listed below.
Charging adapter $19.00
Charging Cable $9.00
Audio adapter $6.00
Please exercise reasonable care when disconnecting you charging cable from your iPad. Nearly all instances of an iPad failing to charge can be blamed on a cable that has been pulled out of the ipad by the cable instead of the plug itself.
The Technology Store will also have a limited number of replacement cases available to replace damaged cases. These will cost the students with damaged cases $45.00
Please take care of your iPad, they are precision instruments and are easily damaged. Repairing damaged iPads or replacing accessories, lost or broken, costs the district money. Thank you.