Policy KBBA-R Custodial and noncustodial Parent Rights and Responsibilities

File: KBBA-R

Custodial and Noncustodial Parent Rights and Responsibilities

The following procedures have been developed for situations involving child custody, visitation and release of records:

  1. The enrollment records of the district will include information regarding the marital status of a student’s parents. Such status will be reviewed each year.
  1. The school shall flag the files of students whose parents are divorced or legally separated or have other special custody arrangements. The school shall maintain a card file of these students that is easily accessible to the principal or designee.
  1. If a person whom the principal or designee does not recognize appears at school requesting the dismissal of a student, the principal or designee shall ask for identification such as a driver’s license.

Children of divorced/separated parents

  1. Both parents have the right to access the student’s educational records.
  1. If a student’s parents are divorced, legally separated, or have other special custody arrangements, district personnel shall request a copy of any and all legal documents pertaining to child custody, including restraining orders.
  1. The district will presume that both parents have equal access to a child when that student is registered in school unless one parent provides the district with a currently effective Colorado court order indicating otherwise.
  1. A copy of the court order governing a divorce, separation or delineation of parental rights will be provided by the custodial parent and kept in the student’s cumulative record as a temporary record.
  1. If the school is aware that the student’s parents are divorced or separated and a parent refuses to provide a copy of the court order to the district, the principal will be advised and a statement of the refusal will be noted, including the date and situation. This statement will be filed in the student’s cumulative record. The district will provide access to the student’s educational records to both parents in this case.
  1. A student will not be denied admission to school on the basis of refusing the request for documentation of a divorce, separation or delineation of parental rights.
  1. A student will not be released to or visited by a noncustodial parent during the school day unless the custodial parent has approved the release or permission for visitation.
  1. If a school official is in doubt about the validity of a request or documentation presented, the official will contact the superintendent. The official shall request positive identification of any individual making a request for release or visitation of a student.
  1. If a person making a request for release or visitation refuses to leave the school premises at the principal’s request, the principal may contact the appropriate law enforcement agency.
  1. Contact from an attorney on behalf of a parent may be referred to the school attorney on advice of the superintendent.

Approved: August 9, 2005

Revised: September 23, 2014

Huerfano School District Re-1, Walsenburg, Colorado