Huerfano RE-1 School Board

The Board of Education is an at large representation school district. School board meetings are held at the District Office and at each school in the district. The meetings start at 5:30pm, unless otherwise noted. The public is welcome at these meetings.

The Board of Education:

President: Sherry Gomez – su.oc1513484264.21k.1513484264onafr1513484264euh@z1513484264emogs1513484264

Vice President: Gretchen Orr-Sporleder – su.oc1513484264.21k.1513484264onafr1513484264euh@r1513484264rog1513484264

Secretary: Dorothy Martinez – su.oc1513484264.21k.1513484264onafr1513484264euh@m1513484264yhtor1513484264od1513484264

Treasurer: Julia Marchant – su.oc1513484264.21k.1513484264onafr1513484264euh@t1513484264nahcr1513484264amj1513484264

Board member: Eva Vigil – su.oc1513484264.21k.1513484264onafr1513484264euh@l1513484264igive1513484264

Board member: David Tesitor- su.oc1513484264.21k.1513484264onafr1513484264euh@r1513484264otise1513484264td1513484264

Board member:  Jaye Sudar – su.oc1513484264.21k.1513484264onafr1513484264euh@r1513484264adusj1513484264
Jaye Sudar has been on the board for three terms. (1993-97, 2001-2004, 2011-present) She is active with the D.A.A.C, the Clothing Bank, and with various county wide interest groups. Jaye recently became a member of the CASB Board of Directors.