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School Board Meetings

All meetings of three or more members of the Board at which any public business may be discussed or any formal action taken shall be open to the public at all times except for periods in which the Board is in executive session. All such meetings will be properly noticed and minutes will be taken and recorded as required by law.

No business may be conducted unless a quorum is present. A quorum shall consist of a simple majority (more than half) of the members serving on the Board.

A recording shall be made of regular and special meetings as required by law and at a minimum, shall be an audio recording. Recordings shall be maintained for 90 days.

Regular meetings

Regular meetings of the Board shall be held at the administrative office, 201 East Fifth Street in Walsenburg at 5:30 p.m. on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month unless otherwise noted by the Board.

Special meetings

Special meetings of the Board may be called by the Board president at any time and shall be called by the president upon the written request of a majority of the members.

The secretary of the Board shall be responsible for giving written notice of any special meeting to each Board member at least 72 hours in advance of the meeting if mailed and 24 hours in advance if hand-delivered personally to the member. The notice must contain time, place, purpose of the meeting and names of the members requesting the meeting.

Any member may waive notice of a special meeting at any time before, during or after such meeting, and attendance at a special meeting shall be deemed to be a waiver.

No business other than that stated in the notice of the meeting shall be transacted unless all members are present and agree to consider and transact other business.

Work sessions and retreats

The Board, as a decision-making body, is confronted with a continuing flow of problems, issues and needs which require action. While the Board is determined to expedite its business, it is also mindful of the importance of planning, brainstorming and thoughtful discussion without action. Therefore, the Board may schedule work sessions or retreats, which shall be open to the public. No action shall be taken during such sessions. Public notice of the session, including the topics for discussion and study, shall be provided.

The second Tuesday of each month shall be a work session for the Board unless the Board president and the superintendent determine that a work session is not necessary or that sufficient reason exists for a regular meeting to be scheduled. Work sessions shall be held at the same time and location as regular meetings.

Adopted: March 21, 1973

Revised: December 14, 1993

Revised: August 9, 2005

Revised: August 22, 2006

Revised: October 27, 2009

Revised: September 23, 2013

LEGAL REFS.: C.R.S. 22-32-108 (board meetings)

C.R.S. 24-6-401 et seq. (Colorado Sunshine Law)

CROSS REFS.: BEC, Executive Sessions

BEDA, Notification of Board Meetings

Huerfano School District Re-1, Walsenburg, Colorado