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Notification of School Board Meetings

The Board shall give full and timely notice to the public of any meeting of three or more Board members at which public business may be discussed or any formal action taken, including special, regular and work session meetings and retreats.

Dates of regular meetings of the Board shall be provided in annual announcements and made available in printed form to the news media and public. At its first regular meeting of the calendar year, the Board shall designate the public place or places at which notice of all Board meetings shall be posted. In the event such action is not taken annually, the designated public places used in the previous year shall continue as the official posting sites.

At a minimum, the Board shall cause notice of regular and special meetings and work sessions to be posted at the designated public place no less than 24 hours prior to the meeting. This notice shall include specific agenda information where possible.

Copies of the agenda shall be available to representatives of the community and staff and others at the District Administrative Building upon publication and dissemination to the Board.

The district shall maintain a list of persons who, within the previous two years, have requested notification of all meetings or of meetings when certain specified policies will be discussed. These individuals will be provided reasonable advance notification of Board meetings unless the meeting is a special meeting and there is insufficient time prior to the meeting to mail notice to persons on the list.

Notice to the Board

The superintendent shall mail the agenda, together with meeting materials and the minutes of the last regular meeting, to Board members no later than 72 hours before the next regular meeting.

Adopted: date of manual adoption

Revised: December 14, 1993

Revised: August 9, 2005

Revised: September 23, 2013

LEGAL REFS.: C.R.S. 22-32-108 (2), (3) (meetings of the board)

C.R.S. 24-6-402 (2)(c) (notice of meeting “shall include specific agenda information where possible)

CROSS REFS.: BE, School Board Meetings

BEDB, Agenda

Huerfano School District Re-1, Walsenburg, Colorado