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School Board Policy Process

The Board considers policy development one of its chief responsibilities. The Board strives to reflect the community’s values in its policies and commits itself to an ongoing effort to engage the community regarding policy-level concerns. The Board develops policies and puts them in writing to provide for the successful and efficient operation of the district’s schools and the high achievement of district students. Policy development shall be aimed primarily toward the continual formation and evaluation of goals and desired end results for students, rather than toward daily district operations.

The Board uses the policy development and codification system of the National Education Policy Network/National School Boards Association (NEPN/NSBA), as recommended by the Colorado Association of School Boards.

This system, while it may be modified to meet needs, is to serve as a general guideline for such tasks as policy research, drafting of preliminary policy proposals, reviewing policy drafts with concerned groups, presenting new and revised policies to the Board for consideration and action, policy dissemination, policy monitoring and the continuous maintenance of the Board policy manual.

The policies of the Board shall be interpreted in terms of state and federal laws and regulations.

Policy adoption

Adoption of new policies or the revision or repeal of existing policies is solely the responsibility of the Board of Education. However, proposals regarding policies may originate with a Board member, the superintendent, staff members, parents, students, consultants, civic groups or other residents of the district. A careful and orderly process shall be used in examining such proposals prior to action upon them by the Board.

The Board shall adhere to the following procedure in formally considering and adopting policy proposals to ensure thoughtful examination of the issues prior to final adoption.

  1. First meeting — the proposal shall be presented for a first reading, discussion, and first vote.

  1. Second meeting — the proposal shall be presented for a second reading, discussion, and final vote.

During discussion of a policy proposal, the Board shall seek out the views of the community and staff. The Board shall take action only after hearing recommendations of the superintendent and viewpoints of persons and groups affected by the policy.

Amendments may be proposed by Board members. An amendment shall not require that the policy go through an additional reading except when the Board determines that further study is needed or that an additional reading would be helpful.

Under unusual circumstances, the Board may temporarily approve a policy to meet emergency conditions. However, the above procedure is required before the policy shall be considered permanent.

The Board shall establish procedures to waive policies to facilitate attainment of district-level or school-level goals.

Policy revision and review

In an effort to keep its written policies up-to-date, the Board shall review its policies on a continuous basis.

The superintendent shall be responsible for calling to the Board’s attention all policies that are out of date or for other reasons appear to need revision. Policy revision shall be accomplished in the same manner as policy adoption, except that revisions mandated by changes in law shall not require a second reading and may be adopted upon final vote at the first meeting.

The Board directs the superintendent to recall all policy and regulation manuals periodically for administrative updating and Board review, if hard copies are maintained.

Additionally, from time to time the Board may undertake a process to review and revise all of the policies in its manual. At the Board’s discretion, it may utilize an outside facilitator to conduct this review and revision process. Such process shall be in accordance with a schedule developed by the Board and the outside facilitator, if applicable. The process shall include opportunities for staff, parent and community involvement. In addition, any changes to policy that affect the benefits, rights, responsibilities or expectations of students or staff shall be provided in writing to the affected group with sufficient time to make any necessary arrangements prior to the effective date of the change. Once the review and revision process is complete, the Board may choose to adopt the revised policy manual in its entirety by approval of a resolution. In this event, the above policy adoption process, including any readings, shall not apply.

Board review of regulations

The Board reserves the right to review regulations issued by the administration at its discretion, but it shall revise or veto such regulations only when, in the Board’s judgment, they are inconsistent with policies and regulations adopted by the Board. The Board shall be provided with copies of all district-wide regulations issued by the administration.

Regulations shall be officially approved by the Board when required by state or federal law or when strong community, staff or student attitudes make it advisable.

Before issuance, regulations shall be properly titled and coded.

Policy communication

The superintendent shall establish and maintain an orderly plan for preserving and disseminating district policies and regulations. Staff will be informed of policy changes on a regular basis.

All policy manuals shall remain the property of the district and shall be considered as “on loan” to anyone or any organization in whose possession they might be at any time. They are subject to recall at any time for updating.

The Board’s policy manual is a public record and shall be open for inspection at the administrative offices of the district and on the district’s website.

Monitoring policy implementation

The Board shall continuously monitor the implementation of its policies to ensure that reasonable progress is being made toward achieving the Board’s goals and that operation of the school district is consistent with its policies.

Suspension/repeal of policy

In the event of special circumstances, the operation of any Board policy, including those governing its own operating procedures, may be temporarily suspended by a majority vote of Board members present at any regular or special meeting. This, however, shall not apply to any Board policy established by law or by contract.

Policy repeal shall be accomplished in the same manner as policy adoption.

Adopted: September 10, 1985

Revised: December 14, 1993

Revised: November 13, 2012

Revised: September 23, 2013

LEGAL REF.: C.R.S. 22-32-109 (1)(a-c)(y)(I) (specific duties of board)

Huerfano School District Re-1, Walsenburg, Colorado