Policy CBI-R Evaluation of Superintendent

File: CBI-R

Evaluation of Superintendent

The Board of Education shall serve as the evaluator for the superintendent. The superintendent’s performance shall be reviewed annually.

The following procedures shall be used to implement the district policy for evaluation of the superintendent.

Prior to the evaluation

The Board and the superintendent shall devise a position description that sets forth expectations for the superintendent. The Board shall develop a plan that establishes goals for the district. The criteria for evaluation of the superintendent shall be agreed upon in advance of the period under review by the Board and the superintendent. These criteria will relate to the position description for the superintendent and the goals of the district.

The Board and the superintendent shall determine times in advance for establishing the criteria for review and discussing the performance of the superintendent in relation to these criteria.

Information collection

Conducting an evaluation is a matter of gathering information and then interpreting and summarizing it.

The evaluation shall be based upon multiple sources of information that can be provided by members of the Board or the superintendent.

Information may be collected from individual Board members and synthesized into a collective Board position, although the range of views may be presented as a basis for discussion with the superintendent.

The superintendent shall have an opportunity for self-review in relationship to the criteria employed by the Board prior to the time that the superintendent meets with the Board to discuss the results of the evaluation.

Written evaluation report

The evaluation shall result in a written summary of conclusions regarding the superintendent’s performance. The report shall include the following:

  1. Specific information about the strengths and weaknesses in the superintendent’s performance based upon the agreed upon criteria.
  1. Documentation showing information collected and considered in the evaluation.

The Board and the superintendent shall discuss information relating to the superintendent’s performance in an executive session. A time shall be designated for this purpose when all members of the Board can be present.

The evaluation report shall be signed by the president of the Board and by the superintendent. The signature of any person on the report shall not be construed to indicate agreement with the information contained therein. The report shall be placed in the superintendent’s personnel file.

The superintendent shall be allowed to attach any written comments to the evaluation report.

Any suggestions for improving the performance of the superintendent, modifying Board/superintendent relationships and/or modifying the goals and objectives of the district may be incorporated in the documents used to initiate the next evaluation.

Approved: January 28, 1986

Revised: December 14, 1993

Revised: August 9, 2005

Revised: September 23, 2013

Huerfano School District Re-1, Walsenburg, Colorado