Policy DJB-R Purchasing Procedures

File: DJB-R

Purchasing Procedures

All purchases of materials or services shall be initiated as requisitions for any regular school district budget-charged purchase. Any employee may originate such a requisition, but it must be approved by the principal prior to processing as a purchase order, and the name of the person originating the requisition shall appear on the requisition.

All school district purchase orders shall be processed by the district purchasing office and proper accounting made of the same. No purchase shall be allowed after the budget category is spent without the approval of the Board.

The district shall not be responsible for paying any bill for merchandise which has not been ordered through the purchasing office. However, a principal may authorize local purchases for supplies under $50. Invoices shall be submitted to the administration office monthly.

Small purchases in amounts not over $50.00 may be made from petty cash funds without requisition and without purchase orders. When such a disbursement is made, a receipt for the money spent or a voucher for it must be secured to substantiate the disbursement.

Student activities fund

Large purchases as defined in the budget from funds derived from equipment rentals or fees shall require Board approval.

All purchases of equipment and supplies for extracurricular activities shall be made through written requisitions to the school principal. Purchasing procedures shall be the same as for budgeted purchases with the requisition initiated and signed by the organization sponsor and the principal.

Students shall not make any purchases without a purchase order. Purchase orders for student merchandise shall be issued by the principal.

Gift cards or cash payments may not be made to students out of student activities funds as incentives, rewards or compensation.

Adopted: prior to 1993

Revised: December 14, 1993

Reviewed: August 9, 2005

Revised: September 23, 2014

Huerfano School District Re-1, Walsenburg, Colorado