Policy EEAFB-R Use of School Vehicles by Community Groups

File: EEAFB*-R

Use of School Vehicles by Community Groups

The superintendent or designee shall be responsible for approving and scheduling in the time available the use of school vehicles by community groups. In approving and scheduling such use, such official shall apply the following criteria:

  1. No use by groups of less than five shall be approved.

  1. A per mile fee of $2.00 will be charged to any community group when using district buses for trips over 100 miles. Trips under 100 miles will be charged a flat rate of $150.00. The superintendent may waive or adjust the per mile fees when determined to be appropriate.

  1. Insurance coverage must:

    1. be provided by the users

    1. be in effect during the time of any such use, with coverage similar to and limits not less than the insurance coverage which is in effect while the school vehicle is being used for transportation of students

  1. No use shall be approved which involves travel over roads or distances which are unduly wearing or damaging to the vehicle or for which the vehicle is inappropriate.

  1. Use shall not be approved if the fuel consumption involved adversely affects the fuel availability for school district purposes.

  1. Any approval of use shall be subject to cancellation in the event of adverse road, weather or other conditions which could reasonably present a danger to passengers, drivers or vehicles or in the event of unexpected or emergency school needs.

  1. Use shall not be approved unless some individual identifies himself/herself as coordinator or leader of the group and agrees to assume the responsibility for collection and remittance to the district of the required reimbursement.

  1. Use shall be approved only where the group requesting such use submits a written request seven days prior to the use, designating the number of riders, the dates and hours of use, the pickup and delivery points, and such other information as the superintendent or designee deems appropriate. Each such request shall be accompanied by a deposit in the approximate amount of the reimbursement which will be required as determined by the superintendent or designee. Upon final determination of reimbursement required, the deposit shall be supplemented by the users or a refund made by the district as is appropriate.

  1. Use shall not be approved if it is for partisan political activity, activity promoting or opposing any sectarian views, activity which is potentially disruptive or dangerous, activity which if uniformly extended would result in uses which would impinge upon school use or activities of a similar nature which are inappropriate for school district participation.

  1. As between qualified groups, special consideration shall be given to groups comprised primarily of persons 65 years of age or older.

  1. Use shall be approved only where the vehicle and service available are appropriate to the physical condition of the users.

  1. Use shall be approved only where the group requesting such use is open to all persons who may be reasonably and appropriately included in the group.

All such use shall be subject to the availability of appropriate vehicles and district personnel. The superintendent or designee may impose such requirements as are deemed necessary relative to supervisory personnel accompanying any group utilizing school vehicles. School vehicles may only be driven by school vehicle operators in compliance with policy EEAEA.

Any group availing itself of use pursuant to these regulations shall agree to and shall reimburse the school district for all of the expenses for operation of such school vehicles as determined by the school district business official. Such expenses in addition to any others approved by the business official will include the following:

  1. The actual cost of salaries of vehicle operators and other personnel involved in providing or facilitating the transportation by the non-school group.

  1. The actual pro rata cost, if any, of the insurance required to be provided.

  1. The actual cost of fuel and oil consumed.

  1. A reasonable pro rata assessment to cover maintenance.

  1. A reasonable assessment to cover a pro rata share of depreciation.

  1. A reasonable assessment to cover a pro rata share of driver preparation and training cost.

  1. All costs resulting from vandalism occurring during the use.

Incidental costs such as but not limited to alternative transportation in the event of a breakdown, feeding and housing of users, and similar costs shall be the responsibility of the group using the school vehicle.

Approved: prior to 1999

Revised: April 13, 1999

Reviewed: August 9, 2005

Revised: September 23, 2014

Huerfano School District Re-1, Walsenburg, Colorado