Policy GBEA Staff Ethics/Conflict of Interest

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Staff Ethics/Conflict of Interest

No district employee shall engage in or have a financial interest, directly or indirectly, in any activity that conflicts or raises a reasonable question of conflict with his or her duties and responsibilities in the school system. Employees are expected to perform the duties of the position to which they are assigned and to observe rules of conduct and ethical principles established by state law and district policies and regulations.

It shall be understood that all confidential information an employee is privy to as a result of district employment shall be kept strictly confidential. In addition, employees shall not utilize information solely available to them through school sources to engage in any type of work outside of the school district. This includes information concerning potential customers, clients or employers.

An employee shall not sell any books, instructional supplies, musical instruments, equipment or other school supplies to any student or to the parents/guardians of a student who attends the school served by the employee unless prior approval has been obtained from the Board.

Moreover, to avoid a conflict of interest, the district prohibits an employee from exercising supervisory, appointment, dismissal authority, or disciplinary action over a member of the employee’s immediate family. For purposes of this policy, an employee’s “immediate family” includes his or her spouse, children and parents. In addition, an employee may not audit, verify, receive or be entrusted with moneys received or handled by a member of the employee’s immediate family. An employee shall not have access to the employer’s confidential information concerning a member of the employee’s immediate family, including payroll and personnel records.

Adopted: December 14, 1993

Revised: August 9, 2005

Revised: September 23, 2008

Revised: September 23, 2014

LEGAL REFS.: Constitution of Colorado, Article X, Section 13 (felony to make a profit on public funds)

C.R.S. 22-63-204 (teachers receiving money for items sold to students/parents without written consent from Board)

C.R.S. 24-34-402 (1) (discriminatory and unfair employment practices)

C.R.S. 24-34-402 (1)(h) (nepotism provisions)

CROSS REFS.: GBEB, Staff Conduct

GCE/GCF, Professional Staff Recruiting/Hiring

GDE/GDF, Support Staff Recruiting/Hiring

Huerfano School District Re-1, Walsenburg, Colorado