Policy GCOC Evaluation of Administrative Staff

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Evaluation of Administrative Staff

The Board shall institute and maintain a comprehensive program for the evaluation of all licensed administrative personnel, including principals.

The purpose of administrator evaluations shall be to assist administrators in developing and strengthening their professional abilities, improve the instructional program, enhance the implementation of curricular programs, and measure professional growth and development and level of performance of administrators. The evaluation system also shall serve as the measurement of satisfactory performance and documentation for an unsatisfactory performance dismissal proceeding under state law, if applicable.

The evaluation process shall provide for:

  1. Cooperative planning of job performance objectives by administrator and evaluator.
  1. Evaluation in relation to job description and objective accomplishments.
  1. Means for self-evaluation.

The Board shall consult with district administrators, parents and the advisory school district personnel performance evaluation council when developing the process for evaluation of licensed administrators.

All licensed administrators or principals that administer, direct or supervise the instructional program shall be evaluated consistent with state law.

The basic requirements of the evaluation system as it pertains to licensed administrators shall be:

  1. All licensed administrators shall be regularly evaluated by a supervisor possessing a principal or administrator license issued by the Colorado Department of Education or such supervisor’s designee, who has received education and training in evaluation skills approved by the Colorado Department of Education which will enable them to make fair, professional and credible evaluations of the personnel whom they are responsible for evaluating.
  1. Evaluations shall be conducted using multiple fair, transparent, timely, rigorous and valid methods and shall be based on predetermined written criteria which pertain to the administrator’s position.
  1. Standards for satisfactory performance of administrators and criteria which can be used to determine whether performance meets such standards shall be developed. The district personnel performance evaluation council shall be an active participant in the development of standards of performance.
  1. Evaluation standards and criteria shall be given in writing to all administrators and shall be communicated and discussed by the person being evaluated and the evaluator prior to and during the course of the evaluation.
  1. The system shall identify the various methods which will be used for information collection during the evaluation process such as direct and informal observation and peer, parent, or student input obtained from standardized surveys. Each principal’s evaluation shall include input from teachers employed at the school. All data on which an evaluation judgment is based will be documented to the extent possible and available for the administrator’s review.
  1. The evaluation system shall specify the frequency and duration of the evaluation process which shall be on a regular basis to ensure the collection of a sufficient amount of data from which reliable conclusions and findings may be drawn. Principals shall receive one evaluation that results in a written report each academic year.
  1. All written evaluation reports shall be specific as to performance strengths and weaknesses, specifically identify when a direct observation was made, identify data sources, and contain a written improvement plan. The written improvement plan shall be specific as to what improvements if any are needed in performance.

The administrator concerned shall have an opportunity to review the document with the supervisor who makes the evaluation, and both shall sign it and receive a copy. The evaluator’s supervisor shall review and sign the evaluation report. If the superintendent is the evaluator, the signature shall be that of the president of the Board of Education.

If the administrator disagrees with any of the conclusions or recommendations made in the evaluation report, he or she may attach any written explanation or other relevant documentation.

  1. The system shall contain a process to be followed when a principal’s performance is deemed unsatisfactory. In accordance with state law, this process shall provide for a notice of deficiencies, a remediation plan and an opportunity to correct the deficiencies.

The school district shall conduct all evaluations so as to observe the legal and constitutional rights of licensed personnel. No informality in any evaluation or in the manner of making or recording any evaluation shall invalidate the evaluation. No minor deviation in the evaluation procedures shall invalidate the process or the evaluation report.

The superintendent shall make regular reports to the Board concerning the outcome of administrator evaluations.

Nothing in this policy shall be construed to imply in any manner the establishment of any property rights or expectancy or entitlement to continued employment not explicitly established by statute, Board policy or contract. Neither shall this policy and/or the evaluation system be deemed or construed to establish any conditions prerequisite relative to renewal of contracts, transfer, assignment, dismissal or other employment decisions relating to school personnel.

Unless an evaluator acts in bad faith or maliciously with respect to the application of a procedure associated with the evaluation process, any misapplication of a procedure, failure to apply a procedure or adhere to a prescribed timeline shall not be an impediment to or prevent the Board from modifying an employee’s contract status or assignment under the terms of the employment contract and state law. The content of the evaluation, the ratings given and any improvement or remediation plan shall not be grievable under the district’s formal grievance process.

All employment decisions remain within the sole and continuing discretion of the Board of Education, subject only to the conditions and limitations prescribed by Colorado law.

Adopted: January 28, 1992

Revised: August 9, 2005

Revised: August 14, 2007

Revised: September 23, 2014

LEGAL REFS.: C.R.S. 22-9-101 et seq. (Licensed Personnel Performance Evaluation Act)

C.R.S. 22-32-109 (1)(jj) (board’s duty to identify areas in which principals may need professional development)

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C.R.S. 22-63-301 (grounds for dismissal)

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CROSS REFS.: BDFA*, District Personnel Performance Evaluation Council

GCQF, Discipline, Suspension and Dismissal of Professional Staff

Huerfano School District Re-1, Walsenburg, Colorado