Section B


Section B contains policies, regulations and exhibits about the school board — how it is elected; how it is organized; how it conducts meetings and how it operates. This section includes policies establishing the boards internal operating procedures as well as policies on board communications and policy adoption.

BBA – School Board Powers and Responsibilities and Authority
BBBA – Board Member Qualifications
BC – School Board Member Conduct
BC-R – School Board Member Financial Disclosure Regulation
BCA-E-1 – Code of Ethics for School Board Members Exhibit
BCA-E-2 – Board Member Code of Ethics Exhibit
BCB – School Board Member Conflict of Interest
BDA – Board Organizational Meeting
BDB – Board Officers
BDF – Advisory Committees
BDFA* – District Personnel Performance Evaluation Council
BDFB* – Career and Technical Advisory Council (Career and Technical Program Advisory Committees)
BDFC* – Preschool Council
BDFD* – District Drug Abuse Education and Prevention Advisory Council
BE – School Board Meetings
BEAA* – Electronic Participation in School Board Meetings
BEC – Executive Sessions
BEDA – Notification of School Board Meetings
BEDB – Agenda
BEDD – Rules of Order
BEDF – Voting Method
BEDG – Minutes
BEDH – Public Participation at School Board Meeting
BG – School Board Policy Process
BG-R – Policy Adoption (Waiver Requests) Regulation
BIB – Board Member Development Opportunities
BIB-R – Board Member Development Opportunities Regulation
BID/BIE – School Board Member Compensation/Expenses/Insurance/Liability

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