District Committees

At the June 2nd workshop, the school district set up three separate committees to begin analyzsing the needs of the district. Each committee will meet and address a variety of issues. Meeting schedules will be posted at the District office or online. These committees are:

Building Committe

Chair: Gunny Pagnotta

Liz Schneider, Lynne Price, Jody Medina, Anthony Aldretti, Faith Espinoza, Josh Vialpando, Julia Marchant, David Tesitor, Tara Burke, Cassie James, Nick Vigil, Dorothy Martinez

District Programs

Chair: Gretchen Orr

Ellie Link, Gunny Pagnotta, Patricia Martinez, Mickey D’Ambrosia, Faith Espinoza, Julia Marchant, Dan Harper, Meghan Archuleta, Nick Vigil, Dorothy Martinez

District Priorities

Chair: Jaye Sudar

Mickey D’Ambrosia, Sherry Gomez, Julia Marchant, Gretchen Orr, Andrea Shull, Nick Vigil