Policy JJE-R Student Fundraising Activities

Policy JJE-R

Student Fundraising Activities

File: JJE-R

Fundraisers serve a purpose. However, without guidelines and procedures to follow, problems often arise and can sometimes even put the sponsor in a questionable light. Additionally, many people who are relentlessly called on to “donate” become resentful over time. The Huerfano Re-1 School District is responsible for any group the public would reasonably judge to be connected with School and, therefore, audit requirements would need to be met to avoid liability.

The following procedures try to minimize problems and, if followed, better enable our auditors to prepare a “clean report.

In the event your group wishes to raise money, you have two options:

  1. Apply for a donation from the General Fund, or
  2. Hold a fundraiser

You may only hold one in district fundraiser unless special circumstances dictate otherwise and you have received both Administrative and Board approval, or receive one $150 donation from the General Fund per year. Each request will be decided on a case-by-case basis.


Requests to hold fundraising activities must be approved by the building principal and superintendent. After the request is approved, you must submit a requisition form (include account number) for approval by the principal and activity fund bookkeeper. A purchase order will be issued and mailed to the supplier by the administration office. If you are going to personally pick up the items, the purchase order will be sent to you.

  1. Under no circumstances are items to be purchased or picked up without a prior purchase order (may not be reimbursed).
  2. Under no circumstances are phone orders to be placed before submitting and obtaining approval of a purchase order. If there is an immediate need for an item, the district office can fax your orders or make other acceptable arrangements.
  3. Never pay for anything from cash on hand. All Transactions must be paid for by district check.

If a fundraiser does not necessitate purchases (i.e.: bake sales, car washes) you must still request permission to hold a fundraising activity and may not hold the fundraiser until the approval is granted.

  1. The district tax-exempt number may not be used to purchase personal items or to be used for non-school activity or club.

School groups are not allowed to have raffles unless that particular group has purchased a license from the State of Colorado.

Groups collecting money through sale of event tickets must get these tickets from their individual school office. A record of beginning ticket number and ending ticket number must be kept and reconciled on the special cash collection reconciliation form and turned in along with all monies to their school office at which time a pre-numbered receipt will be issued. Groups cannot make their own admission tickets.

Group collection record form

This form will be used by sponsors to record money received and from whom it was received. (Can be used for fundraiser collections, fines, etc.) Three (3) copies are necessary. One (1) copy for the sponsor and two (2) copies are for the secretary to whom you turn in your money.

Cash collection reconciliation form

This form will be used by the sponsors to account for items purchased, items sold, items unsold and total sales receipts.

Concession form

This form will be used every time a concession is opened up. The sponsor should make two (2) copies, keep one and turn one in with your money.

All checks received must be made out to the individual school. Checks should never be made payable to a teacher, sponsor or individual group. Checks must not be written for any amount over what is due. Giving change from a check is illegal.

Checks written for personal reasons are not to be cashed. This constitutes a loan of school funds and is prohibited by Colorado statutes. (i.e., meal checks, referee checks, gate worker checks. etc.)

Funds of faculty clubs, booster clubs, non-student activities, PTA, etc., are not to be receipted in the school office. This includes ordering shoes, shirts, shorts, uniforms, letter jackets, etc. — anything that is of a personal nature. These orders and

payments are to be handled by the distributors and coaches or sponsors, students or their parents. Under no circumstances are personal items to be ordered through the school district or billed through the school district. Distributors will either send the items to the coach or sponsor involved or sends the items to the individual. These items will not be handled in school offices.

Cash disbursements to students form

This form will be used for meal money, entrance fees, etc. Coaches and students will have students sign for the money given to them and return the signed form and any unused money the first school day following the event. All signatures must be legible.

Credit is not to be given to anyone – staff, students, etc. All items must be paid for in full or items are not to be given out. This includes lunch money, uniforms, etc.

Maximum length of a fundraiser will be one (1) week. Maximum occurrence of fundraisers is one (1) per week, district-wide. We don’t want to have six (6) going on at once as sometimes can happen. Fundraising dates are not to be set until approval is received from the superintendent. The purpose of this is to avoid conflicts between groups having fundraisers.

Approval of fundraisers or donations will be subject to purpose and will include a statement on how a particular project will benefit the Huerfano Re-1 educational program. Each request for a donation will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Stricter budgeting will have to be done on all accounts-when the budgeted amount is depleted no further spending will be approved. (This means, if you have a $0 balance and need to buy equipment, pay for referees, pay for gate workers, etc., it will not be possible without using up some of your budget for the ensuing year. Likewise, we will allow carryover of excess funds from one year to the next).

Approved: prior to date of manual adoption

Reviewed: August 9, 2005

Approved: October 23, 2017

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