Transportation Request

Filling out this form does not automatically reserve a mode of transportation for the trip or activity being planned.

Vehicles may not always be available and/or other situations may prevent the transportation department from scheduling the necessary vehicles for the trip or activity.  If such a situation shall occur, the transportation department will contact the sponsor, to help resolve such conflicts.

ALL Trips must be approved by building Principal and/or the Board of Education.

The person filling out this request is responsible for getting proper signatures and approvals on the received email from the submitted form.

If the sponsor has not been contacted within eight (8) School Days (roughly TWO calendar weeks) PRIOR to departure, please contact our transportation department at 738-1330.

Please email your information to Gary Vigil at su.oc1498565662.21k.1498565662onafr1498565662euh@l1498565662igivg1498565662 or call him at 719-738-1330

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