EGAEA-R2 – Regulation of Social Media Use

EGAEA-R2 Regulation of Social Media Use

The following regulation is developed for the implementation of School Board Policy EGAEA – Electronic Communication. This regulation is designed to be consistent with the general purpose and principals outlined in Policy EGAEA, as well as consistent with federal and state statutes, and local ordinances.

The Huerfano RE-1 Schools encourages the use of social media technologies to enhance education, learning, engagement, collaboration and communication in support of its mission. The District acknowledges that technology can provide significant educational and professional benefits to students and staff.

Huerfano RE-1 strives to create professional social media environments that mirror the academically supportive environments of our schools.

The District is committed to demonstrating expectations of social media use that will define the boundaries of appropriate use and communications; protect the confidentiality of student and staff information; and maximize the potential of new technologies.

Social Media is defined as media based on the use of web and mobile technologies that allow for user-generated exchanges of information. With proper administration, social media can foster collaboration and communication as an interactive dialogue, enhancing the values of conversations across a global audience.

  • Professional Social Media is a work-related social media activity that can be either school based (e.g., a district principal establishing a social networking page for his/her school, or a teacher establishing a social media site for his/her class), or non-school-based (e.g., a district office establishing a social networking page to communicate with the larger district community).
  • Personal Social Media is a non-work-related social media activity (e.g., a District employee establishing a social networking page for his/her own personal use).

All existing and future policies and behavior guidelines currently applicable to student and staff similarly apply to the online environment. Any employee or associated person engaging in inappropriate conduct involving the use of social media may be subject to discipline up to and including termination.

Professional Social Media Use
Employees who engage in strictly personal social media activities must maintain separate professional and personal email addresses, and may not use their professional email address for personal social media activities

All communications through professional social media tools must remain professional and appropriate, and employees maintain no expectations of privacy with respect to those communications. Employees must obtain supervisor’s approval prior to engaging in a professional social media presence.

Supervisors and their designees are responsible for ensuring access to all professional media accounts within their school or department via login information and/or administrator’s rights when possible.

Professional social media communications will comply with existing Huerfano RE-1 Board policies and department procedures or directives, including prohibitions on the disclosure of confidential information, and prohibitions on the use of harassing, obscene, discriminatory, defamatory, or threatening language. No confidential or propietray information about students or staff may be posted by District employees on social media without securing appropriate permission.

Personal Social Media Use
In order to maintain a professional and appropriate relationship with students, District employees shall not communicate with students who are currently enrolled in Huerfano RE-1 through personal social media activities unless sent as a group message or with parent contact also.

Use of district logos or images on a personal social media site is prohibited; any promotion of professional events must be posted on a previously approved professional social media website.

20 U.S.C.A. 6301 (Children Internet Protection Act (CIPA)

EGAEA, Electronic Communication,
EGAEA-R2, Regulation of Social Media Use

Adoption Date: 7/27/20 Huerfano RE-1